Pink Hair Don’t Care

Ever since I lost my hair virginity Sophomore year of college I have had an endless bucket list of amazing things I could do to my hair. Including joining the colored crew. The timing was never right though going to a college with a strict dress code and then entering the educational field. I never thought my list would be fulfilled until a summer break and even then, it wouldn’t last long.

In preparation for summer I got my hair lightened. Too many times, by too many hair stylists. Then I finally went to Dyln. She was magical! I still can not thank her enough for helping me reach my hair color. Seriously you guys, what she did in 2 sittings I had been trying to achieve in like 4 before that.

So I patiently waited for summer break. But then the yearly school fundraiser came first. The students are told if they are able to reach the class goal they get to prank their teacher. I totally convinced my class dying my hair pink would be a prank! I was so excited and word spread among the staff. A co-worker also does part-time at a salon and gave me her leftover maintaining shampoo. Since my hair was so light she figured it would take the color of a good test of shade.

Man oh man does it take! I have fallen in love with this magic in a bottle, Viral by Celeb Luxury. It is so easy to use and control it’s hard not to love. You can also find it on Amazon for a reasonable price. You use it just like normal shampoo and it lightens with every normal wash. So it was an easy way to get the color without totally committing both my hair and my wallet.

When I first tried it I just did the ends of my hair and again, so easy to control and keep the color where I wanted it. It’s also easy to control the shade of the color. For the pictures, I had been using Viral for about 5 washes with no normal washes in between just to see how dark I could get it.

Then recently I’ve been seeing how long it takes to wash out. The picture below was after 2 or 3 normal washes and it faded to the prettiest pale pink!

Now it’s been two weeks of normal washes and I’m back to blonde. It took about a week of normal washes to get the color out.

So long story short, do you! Red hair, pink hair, purple, or green Don’t Care! There are so many ways to do that fun hair color you’ve wanted to try out for months. This was a way that worked for me, and I loved that I had the guts the try it out. Cause trust me, that first try took a solid 10 minutes of convincing that everything would be okay and that I’d like it. Because that’s what mattered, that I liked it!

Now my hair coloring experiments aren’t over so keep a look out for a future post!

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