State of Mind

I have always loved to decorate my room (and now home) with personal projects. It always feels special and unique. Filling the space with memories instead of just things. I always told myself if I didn’t go into Elementary Education I would study interior decorating. It’s fun to watch all these random things can come together and make space feel so at home.

A project I started a few years ago after my mission was watercolor states. I was heartbroken over missing California and needed a way to cope I suppose. And then moving to Utah I needed some more Washington pride in my life. The project is so much easier than it seems and I loved working on my watercolor blending.

For some reason when we moved into the apartment I had the hardest time decorating the bedroom. I grew up having my own room and in college, you don’t usually co-decorate. Not that my husband would have said much if I totally filled the room with my things because let’s be honest it’s like 98% mine when it comes to the walls anyways.

So I figured I could give him another 2% and created his states. He grew up here in Utah, and the only time he’s lived anywhere else was his mission in Sonora, Mexico. It was so fun to create Sonora, looking at maps of where he lived and worked. I’ve heard so many stories, it was nice to finally put a picture to it all.

So now our room is ALMOST feeling complete and filled with memories of growing up, serving, and falling in love together!

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