A Procrastinator’s Halloween

Alright, I think we can all be honest here. October hits and you have all these amazing clever plans for a costume, but then the week of the party hits and you didn’t actually follow through. For me, it’s usually the 5 hours before the party.

So here are some super easy, already in your closet, hit up a thrift store ideas for that last minute costume that people will still get and you’ll enjoy the fun of being someone else for a night.

1. Sports Player and Referee

Everyone played sports growing up or in high school. And the jersey’s were always oversized so I promise you, they will still fit! The trick is the referee’s jersey. I’ve always known someone who has reffed in the past so it’s been convenient. I also saw some cheap ones while at Saver’s (or any other thrift store where they sell costumes) for pretty cheap. And it’s a good reusable go to costume for in the future.

2. Forrest Gump and Jenny

I’m not super sure why this costume idea is so popular since it’s one of the saddest stories I know, but it’s easy. I actually just got this dress from The Stock Place, one of my favorite boutiques to buy from. Any flowy boho style dress will do. Plus if you look up photos from the movie there are a lot of costume options of Jenny throughout the decades which makes this costume pretty fun. Forrest is easy with a blue bottom up shirt, red hat, and a ping-pong paddle!

3. King Kong

I was pretty proud of the hubby for coming up with this one! Gorillas are his favorite animal and he’s always so excited for any reason to wear his gorilla mask and gloves. The classic film has been made multiple times, so again it gives you options for what to wear for the “beauty”. I stuck with the classic of a simple white dress and red lipstick.

4. Boy Scout and 10 Essentials

I am obsessed with this idea! It is SO easy and SO doable for anyone. I don’t think I have ever met someone who wasn’t apart of the scouting program. Whether the Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts. And again, the uniform is still going to fit you because your mom knew it needed to last you 5 years. And the 10 essentials are usually around the house. Just pin them, tape them, or hang them from a shirt and you’re good to go!

5. Eleven and Mike

I will admit I’m not proud of the execution on this one. But it doesn’t take away how easy it was to put together. We hit up Savers and found a yellow polo and tan jacket for Mike. Then I had the pink dress (again from The Stock Place) and jacket in the closet. Took some shopping, but wasn’t too hard to find what we needed. My two regrets were not taking the 2 seconds to sharpie stripes on Eleven’s socks, and buy a box of Eggos. I think for the concept of taking photos of your costume I would have given Mike a bicycle as well.

6. Scare Crows

Yet another so easy it hurts costume. I just went to Hobby Lobby and got a $4 hay bail and we threw on our plaid shirts and stuffed away. I would suggest wearing a layer underneath so it doesn’t get too scratchy. I also ended up hot gluing some hay to elastic hair bands so that it would actually stay. I would definitely suggest this if using your costume for a party. It made it a little more stress-free, not having to worry about all the hay getting everywhere. If you have an old flannel you’re using you could glue the hay to the button seams as well.

And how cute are these photos from Elise Allred Photo?!

7. Wayne’s World

Another super popular couples costume idea that is so simple and fun it kills me. Garth is such a fun character and pretty simple. I’ve had this old concert t-shirt I stole from my dad that was his when he was a young single adult. So to say I feel Bad A every time I wear it is an understatement. But any vintage looking band tee would work. A flannel for around the waist, and those hipster glasses we all love. Then it’s kept simple for Wayne with a black t-shirt, black hat, and longer hair. We found the wig at Savers for way cheap.

So there you go! Some really easy, fun, DIY costume ideas. New ideas will usually get the brainstorming going. I hope this helped someone out, and that you guys share your costume ideas! Enjoy the holiday and remember it’s never too early to start planning for next year so you can procrastinate all over again!

Waiting for the clearance Halloween candy,

The Confidently Speaking

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