Can We Freeze Time?

As Erich and I approach our first year anniversary I am constantly asking him questions about when we dated. He has a much better memory than I do and it’s always fun to hear his perspective on the memories I love. One thing I will never forget is how he would ask me daily if we could freeze time. It was always the simple times we spent together, cuddling to a movie, driving in the car, or working on work/homework. Just turning to me and saying, “Hey, can we freeze time?” It melts my heart just thinking about it.

It always felt so unfair for him to ask me that. Like he was asking me to perform some miracle for him. That he was asking this impossible task of me, knowing I could never actually do that. But then I realized that I could do that for him. And we all can. We can all freeze time for a second or two. Through memories captured in photos, journals kept and holding onto the little things.

I have loved capturing our memories with our Instax and having polaroids around our home. And keeping them, along with other prints, in a SMASH book. These have become my favorite tools in keeping our memories and freezing time a little more.

The polaroid fad is here to stay and I support it 100%. It is so fun to have just little memories captured in such a physical way. In this digital age, it’s easy to get caught up in taking photos just to take photos. Clearly, I’m guilty of that! But having a piece of film turn into a memory has a magic to it. Plus it lets me really capture those important moments we share together. No matter how big or small.

Our SMASH book is special all it’s own, and I want to post about that later. But right now I want to share with you my new favorite accessory that may not freeze time for me. But it sure helps me keep the time.

I never really wore watches before living in California, but it became such a staple there in the rush of things, I have been wanting one since. It took me forever to find one that I liked and would be able to wear every day. But my JORD wood watch has gone with everything in my closet! The black and gold is the perfect combination that goes with so many of my other accessories. You can find the watch here. I hadn’t seen a women’s wooden watch with such feminine style before this one. And have unique men’s watches as well. Perfect for if you’re still looking for last-minute gifting before Christmas.

My favorite part of the watch it is made of wood! I am pretty grateful we live in a state that is known for its quick connection to nature. But there is always an ache to return to the deep woods in the Pacific North West. So having a piece to wear that can keep me close to the woods is so special to me. It isn’t always easy to find wooden watches that will hold up, so I was excited to find this one.

There is a GIVEAWAY going on right now too! You can enter to win $100 dollar credit to the JORD site.There will only be one winner, but everyone who enters will get a $25 dollar credit for the site once the contest ends. You have until December 31st so hurry hurry! You can enter here or on the link on my Insta bio.

Timely yours,

The Confidently Speaking

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