New Years Games

K I know the clock is ticking. And honestly I was gonna back out of this post, but these games are so quick to put together and I made it even easier with a print out that I couldn’t say no!

Jimmy Fallon is one of my favorite late night show hosts. My brother used to make fun of me because I would only watch the clips of him playing games with celebrities. I was super embarrassed at first, but then I realized I could make his games and try them out for myself. And they are just as fun! So now I consider Jimmy my game master.

I put together two of his games a couple years ago for a New Years party and had a blast.

Box of Lies

This is one of my favorites! And part of the fun is putting together your boxes. First, ain’t no one got a bunch of big cute boxes that aren’t already being used. So just use paper sacks! Or leftover wrapping bags. Anything that can hide the items inside. I used paper sacks and then labeled them with numbers. I created some quick cutouts you can tape to your “box” of lies that I’ll link at the bottom. Once you have your “boxes” together. Just grab whatever you see in the house. Try and put it together in a random, funny way so it’s not just a list of things in a bag. For example, I used a Justin Bieber CD covered in sticky notes I drew skulls on. Or a wrapped plastic animal, while you could still see the head. The more random the betters!

The game is played with two players at a time. The players alternate turns picking a numbered “box.” When a box is picked you don’t want the other player to see. Look inside, and describe the items to the other player. Now you have two choices, you can tell them exactly what is in the box. Or you can lie about what is in the box. After you describe the item the other player decides if your description was “Truth” or “Lie” (being dramatic here always adds to the game!) If the other player is able to call your bluff they get a point. If they guess wrong, you get a point.

You can play best of 3 wins. Or if you do teams and switch out partners each round, first with five points wins. Either way, it’s fun to see what’s in all the boxes!

Whisper Challenge

All you need for this one is headphones or earbuds that will cancel out any sound. And a list of phrases to be whispered. I created a list of New Years themed ones on the printout. Fold up the phrases and keep them in a bowl or bag to be picked out of.

For playing split up into teams and send two players from the same team to play. One will put on the headphones with music loud enough to where they cannot hear. The other team member pulls out a random phrase to whisper to their teammate. They can repeat the phrase as many times as they need, or even act out the words. They cannot stop until their partner guesses the phrase. If you are playing competitively give a time limit. So the guess has to be made within that allotted time. Each guess made within the time limit would be a point for that team.

Click here for the printout for both of the games.

So I hope these quick games make it into your night with family and friends. Tell me how it goes in a comment below, or other favorite party games you have done in the past.

Enjoy the New Year and remember no matter what this past year brought you, there is ALWAYS a chance to start over. To set goals, change something, or try something new. The life we are given is meant to be lived. The mistakes are meant to be learned from. I hope you are able to find time to step back this year and see how truly lucky and blessed you are. The good, the bad, the ugly are all there to shape us and make us a better us! Enjoy the little moments that bring you joy. And find strength for the moments that challenge you. Thank you all for your support this past year. I tried a lot of new things this year and wasn’t sure I was up to the challenge. But the constant positivity towards my posts, ideas, and sharing has been more than uplifting and encouraging. So thank you for sharing, commenting, and supporting me through this growing experience.

SO ready for 2018!

The Confidently Speaking

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