Something New to Be Grateful For

This is our first year of being married and it’s been fun, and a challenge, to come up with traditions for our own little teeny family. I can’t wait to share more and more of the traditions Erich and I have come up with for this holiday season.

One that I wanted to begin for myself at Thanksgiving was creating a pretty table for everyone to gather around. We are in a small apartment, and in no way in charge of a Thanksgiving feast, but if you don’t start now, you’ll never do it!

This was also something new for me. Since the only time I’ve staged or arranged anything for a room was my wedding. And let’s be honest, my family did ALL the work! But I had an idea and wanted to follow through. I’m so glad I did!

Another part of this tradition was to do it with a budget in mind. The holidays are special, but they only happen once a year. So emptying the wallet for decorations doesn’t always make sense. Especially since this time of year is when we spend so much for food and gifts.

So here goes! A simple, pretty, budget-friendly table and the tips and tricks I found along the way.

Tips and Tricks:

1. Think “reusable” with the runner. I found a roll of kraft paper from Hobby Lobby for $4. Most craft stores have online coupons too. I wish they had a skinnier roll for on our little table. But I just folded it in half and it totally worked. The best part? Now I have cute, simple, and minimalistic wrapping paper for Christmas gifts!

2. Dollar Store! There is so much there that surprises me every time I go. I was able to find all the candles and candle holders there. I was super surprised to find really cute plates and placemats as well!

3. Target and their magical Bullseye’s Playground always has such cute seasonal decorations. I stocked up on pumpkins since they are a fall staple, but real ones don’t last long. My only regret here….not getting all of them. I have loved having these around this year!

4. My favorite part was finding the eucalyptus. My tip here is to call around! This is such a popular plant right now for bouquets that every floral shop I found has them. It was just a matter of finding the best deal. A bunch should be enough for a large table. And the price ranged from $8-$15. I used a couple stems to decorate our table for just a few bucks.

Finding just some plants around the neighborhood works too! I saw so many online ideas that were pine branches or dried fall leaves that you can find anywhere!

5. A sharpie always seems to get you where you want to be. I’ve been working on my hand lettering this year, it’s still not where I want it to be, but I was proud to be able to use it! Another idea that would be fun is to write everyone’s name on the kraft paper for your place cards. Plus, you’re probably pretty dang grateful for those at your table with you. Why not remind them of that?

6. Christmas is just around the corner and honestly, I’ll be using the same idea! Just simply replacing the pumpkins with little ornaments or pinecones. The kraft paper, candles, and candle holders are totally reusable through the holiday season.

I hope these tips are helpful in the crunch time of the week before Thursday comes. It’s always fun to have something new to be grateful for! New traditions and new ways to gather with loved ones.

Thankful for you all,

The Confidently Speaking

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