Traditions That Light the World

It’s here! It’s finally here! December is finally here and for the first time, I’m so excited for this holiday season. Now is when we gather together and I’m so ready to celebrate the holidays.

We are going to start so many fun traditions this year to use for years to come. Traditions are so important, and it’s been fun to start many different ones with my siblings growing up. (It wasn’t until a few years ago that we decided to start building a sheet fort to all sleep inside of Christmas Eve night. Yes, as grown adults we decided to start that!) So it’s been fun to think of my own traditions to use throughout the years for when we have our own family! We currently live close to Erich’s family, and it has been wonderful getting to experience their traditions. But we don’t plan on staying here and don’t know if we will end up close to my family at all either. Yes, of course, we will end up with our families around the holidays. But it has been important to me to think of our own traditions to be able to use no matter where we are, or what family we are with.

One of those traditions is our Light the World Advent. For the past few years, the Latter Day Saint church has released a daily way to remember our Savior during the holiday season. Reminding why we celebrate, who we are celebrating, and how we become more like Him. They have referred to it as Light the World campaign. You can find all the information about the campaign here.

This year we wanted to bring it into our own home! So here is how we are applying it. I’ve then added a few great ways to keep it simple and easy.

K I’ll be honest here, we went DIY for our advent because we don’t have ink in our printer. And I’m one of those people that just have to have projects done. Impatient you could say. But I’m actually really glad we did it by hand because it gave Erich and I time to really consider how we would celebrate each day of the month. And what acts of service we would follow through with.

First, start out with some cute coordinating tags. We made our own by tracing a set I had gotten from Target, but still wanted to save for gifts. (Here is a set of what I’m talking about.) Then using the 25 days calendar from Light the World website, I wrote each day to show all month long. Then the scripture and act of service, to show that day of the month, so we are reminded what we are doing.

Then we will hang it along with some colored twine! So simple and so easy. And again, taking the time to make it ourselves has helped me really reflect on the purpose of it all.

But I know not everyone has the time to DIY so here are a few sites I have found that have done the work for you! As easy as printing it off, like I would have done had I not been lazy and gotten ink.

1. The Small Seed: I have loved this blog for so many reasons. Its simplistic style is so modern and refreshing. But also it’s simplicity in the message. The focus on the purpose is so helping in simplifying my own thoughts. You can find their adorable printable tree and ornaments here.

2. Calendar: You can find the calendar as a guide for your DIY, or to print it off to hang somewhere here.

3. Posters: These are such pretty daily posters to keep in a frame or post up. Interchanging each day so you still get that time to remind yourself what you’ve set to do that day. The Red Headed Hostess created this FREE download right here ready to print.

4. Children’s Calendar: If there are kids at home A Year of FHE has created the cutest printable for a way for younger kids to participate as well. You can find her FREE download here. She also has one available for teens as well.

5. Half and Half: If you’re wanting a little of both the printing and DIY here are the cutest advent tags. I love the variety of the design, yet kept so chic. They have them in black and white, or gold!

So gather around and create this amazing tradition that will Light the World. Make it your own and have fun!


The Confidently Speaking

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