Goals, Confidence, Fit – Feature with Elle

If there is one thing that motivates me to get to the gym it’s this girl! Elle makes going to the gym and working your buns off seem so easy and flawless. But is totally upfront about how it takes a ton of hard work. I don’t think she even realizes how motivating that is for me, and the people she trains with. To see someone who does it every day for hours, but also goes through the same struggles to actually get there.

This is a big reason why I wanted to feature her here. She has such a confidence it’s contagious. Here are some of her thoughts and tips about working out and keeping your body healthy. And finding a confidence while doing it! She is currently a personal trainer and sharing a lot of her workouts on her Instagram page.

What motivated you to study nutrition and personal training? How have you seen it affect your lifestyle? And those you train?

          Growing up, I have always lived an active lifestyle due to soccer and working with my personal trainer. I loved being in great shape and being able to play a whole soccer game without being tired. Soccer and working with my trainer, Cassadie, kept me in extremely good shape. My senior year of high school I suffered from a concussion that took me out of soccer for 6 months. And unfortunately, a few months later I got another concussion before my freshman year of college started. I was out for a whole year and was never cleared to play again. During the time I couldn’t play soccer, I started gaining a lot of weight. I didn’t eat too healthy, so that started to catch up to me when I couldn’t play anymore. It wasn’t until one day when I stepped on the scale, that I realized I needed to make a serious change in my lifestyle. It didn’t happen right away, but the more I went to the gym and pushed myself, the more I saw results and wanted to keep going. I also started eating a lot healthier and my body was feeling great!! As the years have passed, I have seen so many improvements in myself physically and mentally. It has helped me to become a stronger person, less judgmental, and driven to succeed and achieve my goals. I have much more self-confidence and I find myself living a happier life. I have a lot more motivation and determination and it has made me a healthier person overall. Since I have seen what fitness and nutrition have done to increase my overall being, it has made me want to help others to reach their fitness and health goals and be happy with their body and lives. I started training last year and I absolutely love it. My clients are all people who are wanting to live a healthier lifestyle and increase their strength and fitness levels. All of them are improving so much and I am so proud. I love seeing my clients talk about the new muscle they are starting to see, how they miss the gym when they have a couple days off, and how they are starting to see improvements. It is awesome to see that I am helping people to love living a healthy, active lifestyle and being happy with who they are.

If there was one healthy eating tip you could give the world what would it be?

          Eat in MODERATION!!! You do NOT have to diet or starve yourself to lose weight. You also don’t need to only eat healthy food because GROSS who wants to do that?! It is all about moderation. Go ahead and eat that cheeseburger but then eat healthier tomorrow. One meal or one treat won’t kill you. Life is meant to be enjoyed, so enjoy all the good foods and don’t deny yourself of all the yummy treats out there. I try to plan out my eating. If I know I am going to eat an unhealthy dinner with a dessert, then I try to eat a healthier breakfast and lunch.

How have you found a self-confidence through personal training? A lot of women struggle with self-worth and competing with others, how have you found a way to combat that yourself?

           I used to struggle with self-confidence and self- comparison a lot growing up, especially in high school and the first couple years of college. It is honestly something that I still struggle with daily. But since I have gotten more into fitness and living a healthier lifestyle, I have found that I am not as hard on myself or feel guilty if I don’t go to the gym. I am a lot happier with my body and I notice I don’t compare myself to others as much. I find myself not looking at other girls and wishing I had their body, but instead I feel happy with mine. I have started to realize that everyone’s bodies are different. Curvy isn’t better than skinny and skinny isn’t better than curvy. I learned I need to stop wishing my body was different because it is not going to change and I need to be happy with what I have. If I want to improve my body or certain features, I just need to keep working hard at the gym. With my experience working out, I have learned so much about pushing my body, shaping my body, and taking care of my body and it gives me more confidence teaching others those things and seeing their confidence build.
The best way for me to avoid self-comparison is to get rid of the influences that make me feel bad about myself. Whether it is unfollowing people on Instagram or going to a certain gym I feel more comfortable in. Helping others to improve their lifestyle and feel better about themselves and their bodies, gives me more self-confidence and has increased my own feeling of self-worth. When I compete with others, I find myself normally in a bad mood and wanting to give up and feeling bad about myself. I know that the only thing I need to compare myself to is myself, whether I can lift heavier next time, improve my form, or do one extra set.
Also living a healthy lifestyle should not be about competing with one another and trying to “one-up” someone. I’m still trying to teach myself that the only one I should be competing with is myself, and whether or not I can improve and do better today than I did yesterday.

What would you tell someone who is struggling with self-motivation to work out? Any tips for getting to the gym!?

           There are few people out there who actually love going to the gym and look forward to it. I usually am not one of those people. I typically dread going because it is exhausting!! But once I get myself there, I LOVE it. I love the feeling of being sore and reaching my goal for the day. I love knowing I am making a better version of myself that is healthy, fit and strong. One way I motivate myself is remembering how I feel when I am there and how great I feel afterward with my endorphins pumping. But the main way I motivate myself is setting goals for myself that I am determined to achieve. I set a daily goal, weekly goal and have an overall goal for the next couple months. Goals are a huge motivator! So go set some fitness and health goals! Perfect time for New Years!

Goals are a big part of working out and changing your lifestyle. What are some of your tips for setting physical based goals?

          Set realistic goals. Saying you want to lose 10 pounds this week or all the sudden have abs and a butt of steel in a week is not realistic and will lead to failure and you being discouraged and giving up. Like I mentioned above, I set daily, weekly, and monthly goals. For example, my monthly goal is to improve my leg and arm strength. I want to be able to lift heavier, improve my heavyweight squat form and have more defined arm muscle. My weekly goal is creating a workout plan for myself to follow to reach those goals and keep me busy at the gym. My daily goals are following the weekly plan or squatting a certain weight or running a certain amount of miles.


I think the biggest thing I have learned knowing Elle is that we are none alone in feeling a little different than others. Everyone struggles with feeling great about themselves and their body. But setting goals and getting rid of distractions helps us focus on our amazing selfs and what WE can accomplish.

Confidence comes from within ourselves and looking around us isn’t going to help that. We can’t compete or compare ourselves to others. I know that is easier said than done, but if there is something you want to see differently about yourself make it happen! Set goals for where you want to be. And be excited and grateful for every step you make. Because they are all a pretty big deal!

I hope Elle’s answers gave you a little something to think about. And don’t forget to visit both of our Instagram pages to enter a GIVEAWAY for two weeks of personalized workout plans from Elle and full day meal plans from me! A $150 value for you. You can find her at elle.v.fit, and my page is linked in the “Contact” tab!

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