Meal Plan Week 4

It has been FAR too long since I’ve put together a meal plan for you guys. I don’t even remember why I stopped putting them together. Oh yeah…life happens! So thanks for your patience. I hope this round of recipes is good enough to make up for it!

Don’t forget the meal plan includes your grocery list as well so I make it as easy as possible! I’m getting more and more Instant Pot requests. Especially since Christmas spoils happened. So I’ll keep adding those. I’m hoping to also keep finding great meal prep recipes for you as well.

Please!!! If there are any requests leave a comment! I make these for you guys so if I’m not giving you what you want, I ain’t doing my job.

Click HERE for this weeks meal plan.

I put on an Instant Pot Mac and Cheese I’m trying tonight! Follow on my Insta Stories to see how it turns out. You can’t go wrong with all those cheeses so I expect great things.

Eagerly waiting for that cheesy goodness,

The Confidently Speaking

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