4 Ways to Style Graphic Tees

I look at my closet most days and honestly think it’s too fancy. I look back at high school photos when I would wear American Eagle jeans, a graphic tee, and my beat-up vans. Love it and miss it!!

I still dress very casually, don’t get me wrong. But to me, those clothes are symbols of the simplicity of youth. So when I have the chance to throw on jeans and a tee I’m all for it!

There are few things I feel “myself” and extra confident in. Graphic Tees are truly the best because you can wear them for anything. They’re so easy to dress up and down. Not only with the types of t-shirts, you can have, but how you style them. So here are 4 ways to style graphic tees.

Dress Down Pop Culture Tee

I didn’t get to go to a concert till I was 16 years old. And quickly understood why. But having a chance to represent a good band or tv show is always a fun way to express your personality through fashion.


It’s a super simple style with jeans, the tee, and a good cardigan for layering. Add on either a fresh pair of sneakers or an old pair that keeps it casual.


It’s definitely a casual look that isn’t for everyone. But I don’t think I could put myself in a better outfit. I love to just keep it simple and cozy. My vans are a key to my soul as they have traveled with me through the country and 11 years of time.

Truly, there is no other outfit I would rather wear.



Powerline Tee // Beatles Tee // Stranger Things Tee // Other Band Tee’s

Simple Style Tee with Meaning

Another gate into someone’s personality are things that mean a lot to them.

I always thought it was so silly to have graphic tees from vacations, but now I realize it’s a way to share a piece of you and where you have been.


For now, my “vacation” place is Seattle, even though I grew up there. But really I just miss it so much I feel a need to wear it and have it with me always.


Basically, anything that represents you, or what you stand for is a fun piece to wear.


My shirt is actually from the men’s section of Old Navy. They always have more touristy style t-shirts, and fit just fine!

Made in the 90’s Tee // French Tee // LA Tee

Another tee is something that shares what you believe in. Different organizations or a cause.  I shared my passion for pornography awareness last summer. I still can’t get over what a conversation starter my Fight the New Drug graphic tees are. It’s so nice to have something that gets the word out without needing to even bring it up.

2017-06-29 07.58.51 2.jpg

// PKL Tee’s //

I love styling these tees so they stand out a little bit more. Tying a knot at the waste or tucking in one side into your jeans is such a simple way to really add some flair to the outfit. Rolling the sleeves is a favorite way to make it seem like it’s a little more than just a t-shirt.

Cute Saying Tee with Denim

I am a firm believer in a denim layer. It literally goes with everything! It’s a nice closet piece that is a staple.

It helps a lot with bringing colors together as well. Keeps a neutral aspect to any outfit. I typically pair it with black or colored jeans and then a cute tee, like the one pictured.


I have LOVED this tee specifically from Shop Ingido Lane. It was worth every penny. It’s so comfy and soft. My students love it too, it always brings up some good life lessons of being kind to everyone.



Be Kind Tee // Mama Themed Tee’s // Inspirational Tee’s // “Original” Tee // Always Hungry Tee

Dressed Up and Trendy

This one is fun for date nights or a Saturday running errands and feeling like a boss. Throw on your favorite trendy t-shirt, some skinny jeans, and comfy heels.


I love adding little accessories in with this style as well. Little spring scarves are versatile and add just that extra piece of spring to any outfit.


I showed a couple different ways you can style the scarf here. Double knot it around a high pony. Or wear it around your neck. I’ll be honest, this one felt a little silly, but once I actually saw it all together I loved it!


Putting yourself together just gives you that extra spring in your step. And it’s made so easy with a cute graphic tee.

Scarf // Vacay Tee // Desert Vibes Tee // Graphic Print Tee // Stripes Tee

Add to your collection, or see what graphic tee’s you already have in your closet that you could upcycle with any of these 4 ways to style tricks. Wear something that expresses you, in the way it expresses you.

The Confidently Speaking


This post contains affiliate links. All photos were taken by Elise Allred Photo.

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