Teeth Whitening for Sensitive Teeth

I was talking with an acquaintance the other day about how everyone wishes their teeth were whiter. That desire is something we have all at least thought about. But it always seems to take time, never works, or you have to go somewhere to get it done. I was so excited to share the brand Smile Brilliant with her, and now to share it with you!

I have always had yellow teeth. My adult teeth just seemed to come in that way. That gene pool is unlucky sometimes. I have tried a few different methods of whitening as a teen and young adult. I always stopped though because my teeth and gums would get WAY sensitive. The chemicals felt harsh and just not worth it. It also took up time I just couldn’t give. I always loved how my teeth looked though! It was this constant battle between what was worth it or not. And I always lost.


Until I started using Smile Brilliant! There are so many perks to this brand. And I’ll be honest I was a little skeptical at first, thinking that it’s going to be like every other process that just wasn’t worth the battle. But here are a few reasons why it’s totally been worth it!

  • It’s customed to you! One of the first things they send you in the whitening kit is a DIY way to create custom molds. I don’t use a strip that will slip off, it’s a soft tray that fits right onto my teeth so the whitening gel gets on all the parts of my teeth. I have a permanent bottom retainer and with my custom tray, I’m still able to whiten my bottom teeth. The custom fit goes right over my retainer.
  • One of the reasons I was so skeptical was because of the outcome with previous brands. My teeth sensitivity. But that is a battle I can win as well. There is not only a whitening gel but also a gel to help with teeth sensitivity. I love this stuff! Probably my favorite part of the process. It almost feels like a protective shield put on my teeth. Better than any sensitivity toothpaste I’ve used. It does add a little more time to the process because it is done separately, but it’s so worth it for me because I know I won’t cause me to stop whitening.
  • I can easily multi-task while whitening. In fact, I’m writing this post while whitening. I love it! I can whiten at any point of the day. I quickly throw on my trays, then move onto what needs to get done. Long story short, it doesn’t take time out of my day.
  • It really is as simple as smiling. They send the materials to make the molds for your trays. You send them and the molds are sent back within a few days. Then you spend a quick second putting the gel into the trays. Put them in and relax! Then rinse out your trays to put in the sensitivity trays. Rinse that out and you’re ready to go!
  • The before and after. The difference between these photos is worth it all.


Now I know what you’re thinking, this is just me talking about a product. But really it’s me sharing something that has made my life easier! I am able to get the white teeth that I have wanted since I was 14 and get things done while I’m doing it. I wouldn’t be sharing this if I didn’t really believe in the simplicity it’s brought me. I really could go on!

Now here is the BEST part!! You have a chance to win a giveaway with Smile Brilliant. Just click here and enter your info. Super easy and worth it. It will only be open for a week so be sure to enter by June 3rd.


If you’re like me and want to be sure to get the product you can also use the code “confidentlyspeaking15” for 15% off storewide. They’re pricing is pretty reasonable and they make it easy to stock up on what you need instead of having to rebuy the whole kit. Click here to see where to start and what will work best for you.

Sharing the goods,

The Confidently Speaking

Tooth Whitening Gel

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