Summer Recipes

It’s officially summer! School is out in Utah, the pools are open, and I don’t have to feel weird craving ice cream 24/7 anymore.

One thing that screams summer to me is all the fruit that magically pops up this time of year. So I did something different for this month’s meal plan. It’s more like a recipe list. These are all fruit based recipes. There are snacks, breakfast, or dinner recipes.

Click HERE to get the Fruit Recipes

It is the same as usual where you can just print off a copy or save it to your phone. I didn’t put together a grocery list though because I figured it was a pick and choose sort of thing.

Be sure to really take a look though because there’s some super simple yummy ideas! And I’ve got tons more that I found. I’m going to put together a BONUS recipe list for those who are signed up to follow the website by email!

Soaking up some sun,

The Confidently Speaking

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