5 Summer Hairstyles

I teamed up with Bailey to bring to you guys some great summer hairstyles that are perfect for upcoming summer holidays, the pool, or a day a the beach. These styles will help you cool off this summer. I’m not one to put my hair up pulled back all the time so these styles were perfect for that. They allow versatility and you still feeling fancy on those warmer days.

1. Half up Twists


Starting at one side of the head tightly twist to the other side and secure with an elastic. Alternate to the other side and repeat this process 5 more times. Hiding elastics creates interest.

2. Half up Twists with Fishtail



Begin with style 1. Continue by adding a fishtail braid beginning with the outer top pieces. A fishtail braid is made by taking the hair and splitting it into two sections. From the outer top of the first section take a small amount and add it to the other section, continue the braid by alternating which side you take from. Pancake (pull out) to create thicker looking hair.

3. Add Topsy Tails


Begins with style 1 & 2. Create a layered look by adding 3 topsy tails underneath the fishtail braid. A topsy tail is made by grabbing the outer sections of the hair in an elastic and flipping it inside out. Repeat 2 more times.

4. Beachy Boho Braid Crown


Loosely curl hair to created beach waves. Add a simple 3 strand braid to both sides combining in the back. Leave out hairline and add a dutch braid to the heavy part side. Combine in the back hiding elastics. Pancake to create thicker looking braids.


5. Add Messy Bun

Begin with style 4. Continue by creating a messy bun with the left out hair below the braids. The messier texture the better!

Bailey is a wiz with hair, and especially braids and up do’s. But we were sure to pick out styles that were doable and interchangeable. I love these styles because they’re fun and simple to switch up by adding to what you’ve already started with. Styles you can truly learn step by step each time you try it. They’re effortless styles that can become interesting and intricate.

Soaking up some sun,

The Confidently Speaking

Photos by Elise Allred Photo
Hair and makeup by Schiess Styles
Jumpsuit from Indigo Lane

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