Transition into Fall with 3 Easy Outfits

Fall is approaching. And as much as I hate to say it, I’m sort of excited. Summer is totally my thing, but all the cute sweaters and leggings coming out are just too tempting. But fall is also THE hardest season to transition into because it has a crisp feel like the cool is coming, but that sun just won’t go away yet. It’s all about the layers. So here are 3 easy outfits based around a huge staple in my fall wardrobe.

Elise Allred Photography-1762

A denim jacket. I have been on the hunt for weeks for one and it never felt right with all the heat. But this jacket from Rosalind Rose is a dream come true! It goes with everything, has the perfect length, adorable detail, and STRETCH! I was blown away with how comfortable it was. So can you blame me for styling it 3 seperate times?! You’re going to want to act fast. And don’t forget to use code CATHV20 for a discount.

Black Denim and Graphic T

Graphic T’s did not stop coming this summer and you don’t have to put them in storage quiet yet. It’s hard to pair denim with denim without feeling like Billy from Stranger Things (hottie but only he can pull off those dang good jeans). So I paired the jacket with black high wasted jeans from Target (on sale for $15!) that have faded, but it totally adds to that rocker feel.

I also wore my all time favorite graphic t that was my dad’s when he was a young adult. It never gets old and I wish there were a thousand like it to share with the world.

But you could easily put the outfit together with similar graphic t’s like these!


SO easy and comfy. If you don’t own a jumpsuit, get one. They are the perfect transitional piece. I typically enjoy jumpers more because there is a top layer under that makes the restroom so much easier, let’s be honest. Then topping it off with the jean jacket it became this magically comfortable classic outfit. Probably going to be my go to for work.

Elise Allred Photography-1649

Similar Jumpers/Rompers:

Keeping it Dressy

This dress has been my favorite for the summer. The florals and flow are so feminine and have kept me cool in the heat. Throw on some booties and the jean jacket and it’s suddenly ready for some fall weather. I loved that the jacket didn’t take away from the dressy feel of the dress. It really was bringing the two seasons together.

Elise Allred Photography-1591

Similar  Dresses:

So lots of great outfits that help you stay cool in the last little bit of summer. So soak up the rays, enjoy the back to school season, and don’t forget you’re going to rock whatever it is you end up getting for the season!

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