5 Halloween Couples Costumes

It’s our favorite time of year again!! We had so much fun putting together this year’s costumes and creating such fun ideas. We brainstormed all year, kept a running list, weighed the pros and cons. Basically, we had a blast putting all this together for you guys and hope the how-to’s help with any last minute ideas.

Italian Chef and Spaghetti

This one turned out better than we thought! Took a little DIY but it was pretty easy to put together.

Elise Allred Photography-9193

The chef was put together with a cheap fake mustache, preschool chef’s hat, and a graduation coat from the thrift store. You could easily use a button up shirt, or a lab coat if you’re willing to find it.

Elise Allred Photography-9180

The spaghetti was so much easier than I thought it would be. We found the red shirt cheap at Wal-mart. The spaghetti is pieces of white string cut into about 5 in pieces and the meatballs are circles cut out from a brown felt sheet. All of it was glued to the shirt with Tacky Glue. Which stuck a lot better than I thought it would!

Add some props and you’ve got the whole look! A wooden spoon and strainer were easy add-ons. I wish I could have curled my hair to make it look like the spaghetti noodles as well. Or glue string to the end of the strainer as well.

Romeo and Juliet – 1996 Version

I was so obsessed with this idea. Erich has kept his hair long for soooooo long and it always reminded me of the 90’s look the Leo sported. Then he got his hair cut…BUT! the costume was still dying to be done.

Elise Allred Photography-9140

Romeo was easy as we had a left of Hawaiin shirt, but you can find them online for pretty cheap, or get lucky at the thrift store.

Juliet was put together with a white dress. The same one we used for Forest and Jenny last year. Then found some cheap wings at the costume section of Savers. Pull the hair back in a half up twist.

So finally all my high school English class dreams have come true and we can cross this costume off the bucket list!

Frankenstein and his Monster

The monster was an easy put together with simply getting some green face paint. A grey shirt and grey suit coat the costume itself is right there in the closet. Then we painted Erich’s face green and made his stitches with black eyeshadow. Black eyeliner would work really well too.

Elise Allred Photography-9238

As for Frankenstein himself, we used the white coat we used for the Italian Chef, rubber cleaning gloves, safety goggles and teased my hair like crazy. The safety goggles could also be substituted by swimming goggles kept on the forehead. I used a texture spray to help keep the teasing to a minimum.

This was a favorite to put together because it was so hard not to go into character and just have a blast being someone new together.

Taco Belle

If you know us at all you know our obsession with Taco Bell. If you don’t know us, let’s just say we eat it at least 3 times a week between the two of us. I’m surprised the employees don’t know us by name by now. And I won’t lie we SCORED with our Taco Belle costume.

Elise Allred Photography-9164

We were able to find the dress at Savers for way cheap! But I’ve also had this costume in the work since last year. I had made a long yellow tutu really easily from DIY tutorials and was going to wear a yellow shirt along with it. So if you’re not able to find a perfect dress like we did, that’s another easy solution to becoming Belle. I do wish we would have stocked up on hot sauce to glue along the skirt of the dress and carried around a Taco Bell cup or something. But the play on words makes it more fun for people to figure out.

The taco was definitely a DIY. We cut out two pieces of a cardboard box to measure from the side of the back to the front. Then cut out the armholes. We kept the back uncovered by cardboard so that there was mobility later on. Once the cardboard was cut out we placed the pieces along the fabric leaving a gap for the back. Then cut along the fabric tracing the cardboard cutouts. Leaving about 3 inches to be able to be glued along the inside of the vest. Once that big outer piece was cut we glued on the different felt shapes that look like cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce along the edge of the vest. Then we cut a big oval piece to cover all the inside of the vest. This was able to hide all the gluing of the felt as well. This whole thing was a lot easier than we thought. Without time for the glue to dry it really only took us 40 min or so.

Elise Allred Photography-9160

So finally all our Taco Bell dreams came true and we were able to be one with the taco!


This is a classic we put together in just a few minutes. We took a piece of black felt and cut out our masks. Erich wanted to be creative and keep his square shaped.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Then found striped shirts in the closet, black jeans, pulled out our winter gloves and hats and put stuff in a pillowcase. Super simple and definitely a last minute put together that anyone could do.


So there it is! Another 5 ideas that will get you through the Halloween season without having to stress the creativity and just right into the creating! If you’re not loving any of these ideas don’t tickle your fancy there are 7 other ideas from last year that you can put together as well.

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