Show Your Confidence

When I was first thinking of this topic there were so many thoughts running through my head about youth, adulthood, life, changes, and how all of the above are affected by confidence.

My thoughts haven’t changed, just been a little influenced by where I’m at in my pregnancy. I’m almost at 20 weeks, the halfway point. Survived first-trimester nausea and constant exhaustion and moved right into the growing and ever-growing phase. Which is where I have felt such a puncture to the confidence I feel has taken years to build up in myself.

Being pregnant is one of the biggest miracles we get in this world. Do not get me wrong. We are more than excited to have these little feet running around our home. But for me, it’s been a big shift. People constantly complimenting, but me second guessing it all. Feeling so uncomfortable in my own skin, not emotionally, but physically. And then I have to remind myself that that part is only going to get harder and harder. And I’m barely half way!!

My body is changing, therefore, my confidence is having to change with it. Just like all those other phases of life. Entering high school, the break-up, like every day of college (ugh don’t take me back!), or becoming a newlywed. Life is a pro at throwing those curveballs. Every time that happens we have a chance to re-evaluate who we are at the core and use that to empower ourselves.

So with all this being said, I wanted to share a few things that have helped me get those daily confidence boosts that help me realize that no matter how much change comes the next few months of pregnancy I’m still me and still have that identity.

Shirt: Pink Blush Stripe Ruffle Top

The Little Things

The first thing that has helped is constantly reminding myself of all the goodness around me. Noticing all the little things that come together from the day-to-day. The small triumphs that help me feel accomplished. It might be finally making dinner for Erich and me. Writing in the babies journals and keeping track of their little changes. I guess in a way, putting others before all my worries. Not to put all my worries away and ignored, but serving in the littlest ways.

Continuing to Express Myself

Let me tell you it is a daily challenge digging through my closet to find something that not only fits but also feels like it’s something I want to wear.

But challenge accepted because it’s also so nice to have a fresh start with a small collection of maternity clothes. I am currently working on building a maternity capsule wardrobe. Full of cute maternity clothes that fit my style and comfort. Something I can turn to even after maternity. Being able to create something that’s for me has helped me find the positive vibe of it all.

Big thanks to Pink Blush for gifting this perfect top. So comfortable and easy to wear post pregnancy. The length give great coverage and I won’t need to worry come 7 or 8 months.

Talking About It

I always thought that getting married and starting a family later than all my friends was just another thing to be insecure about. But really it’s been the biggest blessing! I have ALL these amazing young mamas to turn to. Advice to take and even more so it’s ears that are willing to listen because they’ve been through similar experiences.

This is always been a huge factor when it comes to feeling like you’re in the right spot in life. Finding others who have been through it. Someone who can relate to the change.

Remembering There Is an End

High school is 4 years. The breakup eventually finds its way into a past life. College takes its time, but graduation comes. You’re only the newlywed for so long. And pregnancy is only 9 months. Then it’s moving onto motherhood, a whole nother chapter of change and shift in confidence.

No matter where we’re at in life, that phase always has an end. There is always going to be the next wave to overcome. That’s how we grow and learn who we really are. That’s how our confidence gains its power. So the next phase can feel a little bit easier.

So get out there! You have nothing to worry about because no matter where you are in life, you have a confidence in you that is stronger than that. Just find little ways to remind yourself of that.

The Confidently Speaking

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