Target Maternity Try-ons

I had a blast putting together these outfits and finding all these different maternity pieces. I hope it was helpful to you as it was for myself. So many of these things were pieces I was scared to even try because it just felt like such an unknown.

Target has proved to be a great go to for maternity clothes. Especially with their sizing. It wasn’t a guessing game. I ordered most the clothes online and just ordered in my pre-maternity sizes. Everything fit great!

Another thing I’ve been striving for is finding clothes that will be able to work even after pregnancy as well. Whether that is finding tops that aren’t maternity but have a tunic length. Or finding maternity clothes that don’t look maternity.

Here are links to the pieces I have saved in my Instagram Fashion Highlights. I pulled a piece from each category of clothes and with their simplistic patterns it was easy to quickly put together a few outfits.

Outfit Number 1 – Full belly Jeans and Basic Tee

These jeans fit amazing! They are true to size and the belly coverage made them so comfortable. It almost seems to give a support for the bump, which is always nice. The coverage panel goes around the back of the hips too which feels slimming. Bonus! The jean itself is soft and the skinny cut was comfortable. Great maternity Jeans!

I have a pair of their side panel jeans but they’ve always felt too big and loose, even when I was only a few months a long. I would suggest sizing down with the side panel jeans.

I’ve also purchased a pair of their full panel bermuda shorts and felt the same way I feel about the skinny jeans. Great bump coverage and the length was very modest.

The T-shirt is definitely a staple. A perfect basic t for spring and summer time, that could be easily layered for winter weather. It comes in a few colors. The top is lightweight but thick enough it wasn’t see through. Easily can be worn single layer. A great maternity basic.

Outfit Number 2 – Leggings and Casual Top

Leggings are any girls best friend. I guess I’m pretty picky about them because I didn’t love these ones. Both my sister-in-laws loved them during their pregnancies. The leggings definitely give great bump coverage and are a great thickness. I just didn’t love the texture, felt like a pair of tights. And they felt like every one of my flaws would show when wearing them. I’m 5 foot 5 and the length was a little long as well, but that’s a typical problem with leggings for me.

Long story short all clothes are preference and these just weren’t mine. I am still loving my Aerie Chill High Waisted Leggings. They’re soft, great length and so comfy at the waste. They don’t give the coverage but tuck under my bump like they’re not even there. Plus you can’t beat that price, they’re almost always on sale!

The top I have loved. I’ve had it for a few weeks now and it is one of my go-to’s for work. High neckline is always a bonus so I don’t need to add a layer. The buttons are functioning which will be great for nursing afterwards. This is absolutely a top I will wear post maternity. The color is perfectly on trend (which I can’t say about all of Target’s maternity styles). The ruffle sleeve gives it it’s own style without taking away the simplicity of the top.

Outfit Number 3 – Tank Dress and Crop Top

I have been DYING to put together this outfit. It was one I always admired on other pregnant mama’s and couldn’t wait to wear myself. The tank dress is super comfortable and the length is perfect. I probably could have sized down but it will make it nice to grow into a little more.

The crop top I used was one I’ve owned for forever. I also tried the dress on with a cute tie-front top and loved that. A classic graphic tee knotted right above the bump is a cute combo as well!

In Store Try-Ons

I ran to Target to find some maternity clothes that weren’t online. Luckily most Targets have a decent maternity section. I was actually surprised by how many things I was able to try in person.

This was definitely my favorite and I’ve had to keep myself from buying it so many times! The length is JUST long enough and I like to play it safe. But the dress itself is a super flattering style for all body types. The buttons are functioning which is a bonus. The sleeves roll up so have options for length and style.

This dress is just like the tank style tried on in my Instagram Stories. It comes in plenty of colors and styles, just have to sort of sort through them on the website.

I’m not finding this top online but could still be found in stores. I did try ons just a few days ago. I definitely would have sized down with this top. A jean top is really great for a summer capsule wardrobe.

Another one I’m not finding online. So hopefully you can have a lucky find in stores because this was a great one! Could easily layer with a jean jacket. I knotted the bottom but can be worn untied too. It would also be cute with a striped or white t-shirt underneath.

Well Target you have done it again. Provided exactly what every girl needs. I hope this helped to see what is out there. Being pregnant for the first time has been a little intimidating when it comes to finding cute maternity clothes. I love being able to help others get through that!

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