A Simple Hospital Bag

Hospital bags seemed to be one of those things where every mom had a different opinion. Some say you don’t need anything at all because the hospital provides so much. While others feel like in order to keep labor and delivery an empowering and comfortable experience you need to bring everything.

Having personally never gone through labor I had no idea where I fit on the scale. I like to at least think I’m a pretty minimalist kind of person, but the idea of having items that I KNOW I would be comfortable in seemed pretty ideal.

So I surveyed my followers, and did a little bit of Pinterest research (is there any other kind these days?) and put together a simple list of what everyone will need to stay comfy, without bringing the whole house. A simple hospital bag that seemed to balance the two sides of the spectrum.

Mama’s Bag

This is where it’s all a matter of preference on what you want and what will keep you calm and in control. Again, kept it pretty minimal from what a lot of lists suggested. Our hospital will provide a lot more for baby than for mamas so it didn’t seem weird that this list ended up being the longest.

One thing that everyone suggested that surprised me was the Chapstick. Who knew? But it also makes sense, your in a dry hospital and pretty dehydrated most the time (DRINK WATER!!!).

The robe seemed like such a comfortable necessity to me. Here is the one I ended up getting, longer and loved how it has the tie on the inside as well as the waist tie. And it’s nice and cool and honestly pretty dang cute for the price.

A lot of moms suggested the longer phone charger, and others said it was nice to not have your phone right there all the time. Soak up the time with baby!

The toiletries were all personal preference as well. They say to treat it like a weekend trip away. Which makes me laugh because I don’t typically call my vacays “labor” and come home with a child haha. I got mostly new products, some even travel size, to help me feel fresh and clean while I’m there. Plus it can all just sit in the bag waiting to go instead of last minute packing. The only thing I’ll need to snag last minute is my make up and that will be SO easy thanks to Maskcara Beauty. It’s all in one compact and I will have 3 things to grab. My compact, make up brush, and mascara. Done. Gotta love simplicity.

Nursing bras, I mean obviously you’re going to be feeding baby and learning that process together and the nursing bra will make it easier. But they’re just so comfortable! I’ve been using mine to sleep in at night because it helps keep them supported while growing. It honestly will be hard to ever go back to a normal underwire bra. May just not! I have been using these ones from Target, but found similar and more budget friendly ones on Amazon that seem just as nice. Plus they come with all the adjustments.

As for the bag itself, I was SO excited to find this one from Target. One, it’s adorable and will be used over and over again as a weekend bag and carry on. But it also has SO much room. I was able to fit all my things and my husband’s with room to spare. So definitely highly suggested.

Daddy’s Bag

Talk about keeping it simple. Pack up some toiletries, a change of clothes, and snacks and he’s good to go.

I also think it is SUPER important for your support person to be just that. Your support. Erich and I have talked about the little things that will keep my comfortable and focused. Along with the little things that will irritate me and bug me (that list was a little longer haha!) He is in charge of these things.

Whether it’s making sure the right pillows are brought, or playing music on his phone. He is aware of it and able to make any situation better. Even if it means being my voice and advocate when I’m not able to or in the mood to.

This takes planning ahead so don’t be afraid to sit down and talk about it all with your support person so they know where you’re at in the moment.

Baby’s List

The star of the show!! In our case there are two sparkling stars coming our way. Like I said before the hospital will provide a lot of the baby’s NEEDS. And since we’re bringing two of everything I really just packed the minimal wants. Basically all the cute stuff we will want for photos at the hospital.

If we weren’t doing photos I would probably only bring them an outfit and swaddle for going home with. I was able to pack for both pictures and going home by simply packing their Lou Lou and Company knotted gowns. SO stinking soft and comfortable. Join the email list! The brand does weekly deals on Mondays. They’ll feature a couple colors a week and you need the code sent through email to get the deal.

I have fallen in love with Rafe and Moose for swaddles. Always so reasonably priced, in fact a stupid low price, for the quality you get. Lots of color options that change seasonally and you can always find them on Jane for an even greater deal. I’m always stocking up again and again.

With the pacifier I really heard mixed reviews. Our birthing class said no way! It confuses them while learning to nurse. But then I’ve heard a couple of stories where the hospital gives them a pacifier while getting shots and things. So if you think you’ll want one, bring it.

Some of the links above are affiliate links. This means I’m able to earn a small profit that helps support further content on the site.

So there it is. A balanced simple hospital bag list. Bringing what you need and want, without bringing it all. If all else fails ask your hospital what exactly is provided for you and baby and go from there. I was surprised at how much I don’t need to worry about because they’ve thought it through for me.

Hope this all helped and remember it’s you and your families day so make it what you want it to be!

The Confidently Speaking

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