4 Ways to Style Biker Shorts

Biker shorts are EVERYWHERE! But you haven’t worn them since 1994 so it’s a little hard to put them in the cart. I’m going to show you 4 ways to style them so that you can enjoy the comfort. They are the best for this transitional weather. It’s like wearing leggings but you don’t have to be too hot. They can be dressed in many different types of styles making them a great basic for every closet.

1 – Crop Top

Crop tops are all the rage for casual styles. But they can be so tricky to wear and keep modest. This is why it’s a perfect top for biker shorts. You can find high waisted shorts anywhere (list of quick finds at the bottom) so you’re able to keep the belly covered. I’m loving the tie-dye long sleeve trend happening, and to make it a crop as well seemed perfect. (Here’s a darker patterned top.) The Happy Mama sweatshirt was another great match to the biker shorts as it really is a great go to outfit for at home comfort. But could easily be a look you’re ready to go out in. Comfort and style is the goal of the biker shorts.

More Crop Tops:
1. Neon “Cali” Sweatshirt
2. Hooded Sweatshirt
3. Primary Striped Tee

2 – Sweater Weather

The biker shorts are perfect for that eager sweater weather. You know, when it’s September so you are about all things fall, but in reality it’s still 70 degrees out. I paired it with these ADORABLE rain boots and was surprised by how well they looked with the length of the short. It really all felt like the perfect fall combo. I loved the stripe detail of the white sweater, brought some neon to piece with the animal print boot. The green sweater was a great length that hit right on the hips so it looks great french tucked into the biker shorts but still gives you that back coverage.

3 – Layers

SO many ideas with layers and not enough time to put it all together for photos. This duster was amazing! So comfortable and would be such a versatile piece in a wardrobe. If I did capsule wardrobe this is definitely a fall must I would have to have. I paired it with a basic white tee to match my vans.

Another layer I wanted to put together was a blazer. Something similar to this one from Target. A good length that hits around the hips instead of the waste to help carry the look through a figure. It would still look great with a basic tee, or even with a nicer solid colored blouse. (Another blazer option)

Another layer I will try in the future is a jean jacket. (I’m obsessed with this retro style one.) Which really is another layer that goes with everything so it only makes sense it would go with the biker shorts.

4 – Over-sized Top

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Catherine these have ALL been over sized tops. And there is a reason for that. It simply looks great! There is a balance of tight with the biker shorts and loose with the top which keeps it visually appealing. But also the over sized top helps you stay a little more cool when out in the sun. Long sleeves are really tricky this time of year so the loose top allows some breeze. These tops are pretty casual but you could easily pair with loose over sized blouse too. I loved the top with the tie because it brought back my figure without having to tuck and lose length.

The tan top is a great neutral that would layer really easily with that jean jacket. Here is a similar top in green.

So now that you have great tops to go with your shorts, where do you find a pair? I’m wearing a pair from Old Navy (of course) and have a gray pair as well. But I was able to find them literally everywhere for great prices!

  1. Old Navy (high waisted, mid rise)
  2. Aerie (high waisted, with pockets!)
  3. Nordstrom (best deal, fave brand)
  4. Target (black, leopard print)
  5. Amazon (great variety!)

I’m obsessed with my biker shorts and honestly they can’t get through the laundry cycle quick enough these days. All these tops have been a perfect match and a great go to fall outfit that makes me a little more excited for those crisp sunny days.

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