Easy Halloween Costumes

I think my love and passion for Halloween roots from all the memories of my amazing mom hand making every single costume every single year for me and my siblings. The fall crisp air would hit and we could pull out the costume box and start creating magic. And if there wasn’t something in the box that satisfied our young imaginations my mom would kick into gear. Runs to Joann’s, finding the right thread, and getting to try on the costume before the big night. The best flash backs!

Now with all the creative juices in me I typically try to come up with costume ideas based off something already in my closet. Or something that we can buy but wear again later. So here are a few costume ideas that you could either buy the costume for, OR buy something to keep in your closet year round.

Jane from Tarzan

With all the leopard trend happening this fall Jungle J ane just seemed like a fun one to try out! This dress if perfect to throw a cardigan over as well. I love the idea of a small heel on the combat boots make them feminine but ready for some adventure. The hat matches the boots perfectly too! And would be a great closet staple for the colder months. I added the purple bows since that is one of her small accessories when she first arrives to the jungle. If you’re looking for a more pre-Tarzan Jane look you could use this yellow dress as well.

Little Bo Peep from Toy Story 4

This was definitely on our list of possible family costumes because her look is so similar to clothes in my closet. The movie was adorable and the perfect end to decades of adventure.

This jean jumper would need a few touches like lace at the base and a pink ribbon belt, but could be worn year round! If you’re worried about the colder weather and jumpsuit I would wear a thinner sweater, like this one, under for some layering warmth. The are something simple to add and I loved the straps on these ones. The cape could go into the costume box for future use, but won’t break the bank to only be worn once a year. Bo Peep has the cutest pink bow in her hair, I love how this one had a more mature look than other bows out there.

Kim Possible

Don’t ask me why, but this costume has always been a dream of mine. And like never done, even though every late 90’s kid knows who she is! Sticking up for her own and looking dang good doing it.

The green cargo pants are definitely Kim’s signature look. And it makes sense because how comfortable would they be? I could take on the world in those bad boys too. The black top is of course a great basic and layer. I must have a thing for cargo boots as well because these black ones look amazing. And would be great in the snow, for not a bad price! Then the belt tops it all off. A great costume ALL out of things you can keep in the closet.

Taylor Swift – ME!

With all of Taylor’s new music out she’s truly becoming more and more of an icon. She has so many iconic looks but this one really stood out as something you could wear again and again. From the beginning of her ME! music video she wears a 50’s classic look that still brings in lots of color.

There are so many simple pieces to this costume I love it!! From the tulle skirt covered in flowers, to the pink lips. The skirt got great reviews on Amazon so it’s definitely the one you want. I love how the tank top gives a soft touch with the velvet but if you’re looking for sleeves this V neck tee is an option as well.

I found a few different pink shoes that would work so really it’s up to the style you like. (heels, mules, heeled mules pictured above) Then this matte lip gloss is my all time favorite. It never wipes off or need reapplication. This shade is a fun pink that will match the look, but a color you could totally wear again. Then simply add the flowers!

Halloween is some of the best memories for me. Making costumes can be as easy or as complicated as you want it to be!

If you’re still wanting more ideas you can visit past posts from last year and the year before.

Happy Haunting!!

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