Target BOGO Sweater Sale

It’s officially sweater weather and this sale is a great way to stock up on sweater basics! Buy one get one half off at Target. I went and did some try-ons but was rushed on time so only got to a few! There are a lot of options, and the best part is a lot of them come in so many different colors.

This one from Universal Thread is a great basic. I didn’t loveeee the fit for me, but sometimes the color can be a trick on the eyes. This was thin enough it could be worn with skirts or under a jumper which is a unique way to layer in colder weather.

This was my favorite! The color is gorgeous and I love the trim, making it almost two-toned. It would be perfect for the holiday season. It was beyond soft as well. My only complaint was there weren’t pockets!

This is definitely a sweater basic. I wasn’t able to find this exact color online, but they have a cream and grey online. The chenille was nice and thick so it would last forever. It also has a great over sized fit without getting bulky.

These are other great finds! I couldn’t find the exact ones online but here is a link to a very similar sweater on the left. The only difference is the stitching. A front tuck looked amazing and it’s a great length.
The Sherpa was amazzzzing. Again not online! Normally I take photos of the tag so it’s easier to find matches online but I spaced this time. So this is the closest I could find. I hadn’t tried on Sherpa yet, and this was SO instantly warm. I just kept thinking about all those cold holiday outdoor festivities. This would be a great layer. This isn’t apart of the sale either, just really cute!

Here are a few sweaters from online that I didn’t want you to miss out on! They are all part of the sale. A tip for BOGO 50% off is to buy products that are as close in price as possible. The sale discounts the lower priced item so you can get a better deal by staying within the same price range.

  1. Knox Rose Gray Pullover – The loose fit is so dreamy! It comes in a really pretty blush color as well.
  2. Universal Thread Strip Pullover– This one screams trendy. It was all over Target’s website where they share people’s posts. It would look so cute under a jean jacket.
  3. A New Day Leopard Pullover– We all know the animal print is all the rage. I love how this is a calmer way of wearing it.
  4. Universal Thread Cardigan– Comes in a few neutral colors so you can’t go wrong. I actually really love the outfit they made with it too! The stripes and jean are great accents.
  5. A New Day Ribbed Sweater – This is a great price for a great basic in the closet. If you’re about minimalist styles this is perfect. They also have a crew neck style. With the BOGO sale you can get two for under 30!

Hope you’re able to find something you love, winter is coming sooner than we know it and sweaters are the best way to show your style while staying warm!

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