Quick Links – November

The Holiday season has begun. Soaking up the last of fall before winter and snow come. Enjoying family time and all the warm cuddles. Here you will find all the quick links from posts on my Instagram feed and stories. Along with our favorite recipes we have tried this month.

3 Ways to Style a Sweater

I loved putting together these three outfits for you guys. Here are all the quick links to everything I’m wearing in the post. My shoes are all a few years old so can’t link them all!

Sweater from Rosalind Rose. It’s so soft and a perfect off white color that fits fall and winter colors. Save using code CATH15

Hat from Target. A great throw on hat for day four hair. Looks like they don’t sell the olive color anymore but this maroon is so pretty for fall/winter!

Jeans from Alice Loves Clothes. Save using code CATH10. They’re my favorite jeans right now. Perfect damage that doesn’t hit too high above the knee.

Shoes from Vans. I never knew how much I needed high top Vans. Of you’re a Vans wearer these are a MUST, especially come winter.

Jeans from Old Navy. I’m obsessed with the wide leg jeans right now. My legs are short for my height so I always wear heels with wider jeans. I linked a similar wash and cut.

Hair scarf from Modern Knot. A great fall accessory.

Jeans from Target. Always have a good pair of black jeans. It dresses up any casual outfit.

Hat from Target. If you’re looking to try out hats this is a great one! It is a bigger fit so it is also a great hat to do hair styles under.

Jean Jacket from Rosalind Rose. (restock coming soon!) They don’t sell the one I’m wearing exactly anymore so I linked their current one. Again use code CATH15 to save with any purchase on their site.

Recipes We Love

Korean BBQ Chicken by Six Sisters Stuff
I had made this one before Erich got home from work. when he came into the kitchen he asked when I got frozen dinners? IT WAS THAT GOOD! Little more time consuming but a great taste.

Jumpsuit Post

I posted this sharing how sometimes we need to just switch up the way we layer. The jumpsuit can be worn under instead of over. I loved the look with a tee that you could then put a jacket or cardigan over it. The look also was really cute with big sweaters.

The whole outfit is from Alice Loves Clothes where you can use code CATH10 to always save 10% off your order. From top to bottom here are the specific pieces; hat, mama bear tee, jumpsuit.

Kylee Ann Influencer Presets

Presets are amazing for photo editing. Using the free app Lightroom and downloading presets you are able to do a quick cohesive edit with all your photos. You usually only have to tweak the exposure to get the exact look you want. You can use photos taken from your phone or your camera so it’s very versatile.

What is great about this pack of presets is you get SO many for SUCH A GOOD PRICE! I really can’t emphasize enough what a great deal this is. You normally would pay twice that for a fourth of the presets. Kylee worked with 30+ influencers to create a custom preset for each of them. But as you scroll through the presets you see how well they all work together. Some are similar as well so you’re able to get similar looks no matter the lighting of your photo.

You get a pack of 35 presets. They are only $35 until December 1st so you want to act fast before they go up in price. You can get them clicking here! I can’t wait to see your edited photos.

Sherpa Coat

I have loved this coat way more than I thought I would. Honestly, I was a little hesitant with the Sherpa trend in general. But now I totally get it! They’re warm and so cozy, and this color goes with everything!! I love the length of this cost too. Makes it feel dressier. In fact when Erich saw me try it on he said I looked like a Kardashian HA! K maybe not THAT fancy but you get the idea.

You can find it here at Rosalind Rose and be sure to use code CATH15 to save.

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