Ideas for Baby’s Play Time

We all know babies sleep most of their day. Their little bodies using all the rest they can to continue growing. So that time you have while their awake can feel quick at first. I’ll be honest I have a hard time putting everything else away during that time. I find myself often having that play time go by and realize I was on my phone, busy cleaning, worrying about something. I constantly put the boys into their crib and wish I had taken more advantage of our time together awake.

I thought I would share some of the things I have done to be a little more intentional with that time we have.

Bring out the toys

This one was weird for me at first because the boys still feel pretty young. They are learning to grab and control that movement. And toys only help with that development. I have loved having this Noah’s Ark set from DEMDACO to help entertain everyone. The fabric is insanely soft and the toys are a great size for such little hands. But I’m able to play with the boys too. Creating stories with the animals and showing them the fun sounds each animal makes. It’s a great way to not only help their small motor skills, but also their social development.

You can find the Noah’s Ark with Squeakers set at DEMDACO by clicking here. They would make for a great Christmas or new baby gift. Something of high quality so the new mom can take advantage of that play time too! It’s definitely a baby keepsake we will keep for all our children to enjoy. You can use code CATHERINE10 to save 10% off your first purchase of any product from the DEMDACO site.

Turn on the music

I can’t tell you how much this house loves Jack Johnson. I hope the boys grow up knowing every word to his music. It’s the perfect mix of music that keeps a calm feel, but that you can still dance and laugh to. I love dancing around with the twins and bringing such small but sweet memories. A huge part of why I wanted to start being around during that play time more. And if for whatever reason I do need to step away there is still that audio development happening.

Get on your tummy

The boys are still using their tummy time to work on a lot of their gross motor skills. I love being able to get down on the floor with them, at their eye level even, to chat with them and see what they are seeing. It’s funny how different the world looks when you’re there thinking about how many muscles you really do need to hold your head up. Or how big a room really feels when you’re enjoying the small moments in front of you.

I actually started calling Erich “Big Head” since the boys were born because I get so used to their small exciting world during the day that when Erich gets home it’s this rush back to my adult reality where heads are much larger than I remember.

They say “soak every moment up.” Which yes, can add a ton of pressure to your day as a mom. But with simple little changes, and small moments of time, you can definitely soak up those short time slots with your baby during that play time. Then when nap time hits, do all the things! And if you don’t get to ALL the things trust me when I say, it’s there for you to do tomorrow.

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