Quick Links – December

New Year’s Eve Snacks

Sorry, it has been too long since I’ve posted some yummy food ideas! Here a few ideas for yummy snacks to get you through the long night coming up. I tried to put a little bit of everything with some baking, healthy eating, quick and easy, and a slow cooker recipe. These are some of my families favorites.

Click here for the printable with the recipes and a grocery list of all the ingredients you’ll need!

Christmas DIY Ideas

Click here to find the DIY post! Great ideas for meaningful gifts and decor for your home.

12 Days of Christmas – Rosalind Rose

Each day for the first 12 days Rosalind Rose is having special deals on different items! Be sure to come back here to see what you can be saving on and to find quick links!

Highland Sweater in Ivory – originally $44 with code $33
Jolie Jacket – originally $52 with code $39
Evergreen Long Sleeve Knit Sweater – originally $48 with code $36
No Plans Pullover in Sage – originally $48 with code $36
Also available in Dusty Lavender
Far Out Tie-Dye Pullover – originally $48 with code $36
Annika Zipper Pullover – originally $38 with code $28.50

Which One???

I’m obsessing over these sweaters! They feel similar enough to me that I don’t need both in my closet so help me decide which one!

The top sweater is the Madeline Striped sweater from Journey Five and you can use code CONFIDENT10 when you shop there.

The bottom sweater is the Ashford Color Block sweater from Rosalind Rose. A favorite shop of mine, clearlyyyy. You can use code CATH15 when you shop there.

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