Christmas DIY

Not sure why I caught the DIY bug this year, but I did and I love it! It helped simplify the season for me and became my way of serving those around us. It was nice to save a little bit on the small things that add up in the Christmas budget as well.

Here are three DIY ideas for gifts or simple decor around your own home.

Watercolor Frame

This one can be as simple or complex as you want. The word watercolor just means you used a brush instead of a marker! Don’t overthink it.

I use a simple watercolor kit I got in college from Walmart and have loved it. Then the frames were a couple dollars each at Walmart as well. Cut out the watercolor paper to fit your frame. Then paint away! I use scraps to test out different strokes and designs first.

Figured this was a simple way to do a little extra for neighbor gifts. A Christmas DIY that makes it more personal. Something they can use year to year to help decorate. Or go bigger and use it in your own home!

Salt Dough Ornaments

I could not find a baby’s first ornament that I loved and kept seeing these all over Instagram. Such a minimal way to have that little hand forever!

Here is the recipe I used.

  • 2 cups flour
  • 1/2 cup salt
  • 3/4 cup water

Just combine the ingredients, mix, knead a little, and make ornaments! Bake them at 250 for a couple hours or let them air dry overnight. I ended up making a couple batches so here’s some tips I learned along the way.

  • I ended up adding a little more water and liked how it dried a lot better when the dough was wetter.
  • Really thin it out, the thicker ornaments seemed to rise when drying and it ruined the handprint.
  • Cut out your circle and put it on the cookie sheet BEFORE you do hands, I ruined the hand shape too many times trying to transfer it over.

I love how ours turned out and I can’t wait to look at them years from now thinking back at how little our boys are now.

Pom Garland

I needed to add a little more for our tree this year but didn’t want to spend a ton. I love how our garland turned out and it was $8 for everything!

All you need is bakers string and yarn or thicker embroidery thread. I ended up using both on accident and wish I had done yarn originally.

I cut out cardboard the width I wanted my poms. Then in the center made a slit. Wrap the yarn around till it’s nice and thick, then cut a small length to tie around. Use the slit of the cardboard to get the extra piece around everything before you pull it off. I found sliding it off the cardboard at this point helped get it nice and tight! Without loosing control of it all!

This photo shows the cardboard I used.

Once you’re tied around cut all the loops and trim what you need to so it’s all even and the size you want. DON’T cut the piece you used to tie around. You will use those ends to tie around the baker’s string. Once you’ve tied around the baker’s string then trim those pieces to match the rest of the pom.

A great DIY that you can use for years or not feel bad about tossing once it can be replaced.

I hope these ideas help you find new traditions to start. Nothing like fun DIY that will help with gifts and decor for the season.

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