Date Night Makeup

I have been so excited to work with Elise to bring you some makeup magic. She has been an artist for Maskcara beauty for a couple years now and she is always sharing such amazing makeup tips.

Here we wanted to share a quick and simple eye shadow look for your date night makeup. Head to my Instagram on IGTV to see a time lapse of Elise using all the tips.

We did a little smokey eye which is always a fun date night makeup look! The colors we used were warmer neutrals. We used Pup, Rigoletto, Trust, Stardust, and Unicorn for our colors.

Step One – Create a Base

Creating base for your eye shadow is important to help all the colors not only stay, but also to blend well together.

This is done by putting the highlight cream (foundation) on the lid as a primer.

Then want to use the neutral shade (Pup) as a base, covering the whole lid. This will help you be able to blend the colors.

Step Two – Crease

Using your darkest color (Rigoletto) start at the corner of your eye working in. Using your brush in a circular motion to blend. Sometimes I’ll tap the color on where I want it to be the darkest and then blend from there.

A tip here is to start with your eye lid closed, but being sure to open it as you blend so that the color is seen when your eyes are open. But keep the color darkest in the crease.

Step Three – Shimmer!

I am obsessed with the shimmer eye shadows at Maskcara. They are sooo good and stay on the eyelid so well.

The trick is using your finger tip (I also use a flatter brush) to help the shimmer (Stardust) really stick to the lid. You want this color close the to lash line and blended up into the crease.

This is also a great color to use as your bottom lash liner, using a thin brush. Start at the outer corner using small circular motions towards the inside corner. Sometimes I stop at the middle of the eye to help keep my eyes bigger and more open.

Step Four – Highlight

Yes, highlight your eyes! It gives it even MORE dimension and can help your eyes look even more open.

This color (Unicorn) goes right under your brows on the brow bone. Along with right at the inner corner of your eye. My favorite part of any eye shadow look!

Few Extra Tips!

  • Tap your brush off before applying the eye shadow, helps any excess powder come off so it doesn’t fall onto your cheek!
  • Add a top liner using your crease color (Trust) with a thin brush and stipple it from the outer corner to the inner corner. Again, you can stop at the middle of the eye.
  • Multi purpose your eye shadow and use it to fill your brows! I just use a thinner brush like for the eye liner and stroke through my natural brow.
  • You can touch up after with a blending brush under the eye to get rid of any powder that fell. Or start your whole date night make up with your eye shadow so it doesn’t fall onto your already finished face make up.

I have loved wearing Maskcara make up the past couple of years. It is so simplified and easy. Most mornings I can feel ready in under 10 minutes, including brows and eyes. The creams blend so well and can be used so many different ways. You can find more information at

Well get out there pretty thing! You’ve got the perfect date night makeup look!

3 Replies to “Date Night Makeup”

  1. Soooo I never wear cover up or foundation or really anything but eye shadow and mascara. do you think I could still do my eyes like this or would that be too much eye makeup for no makeup else where. Asking for a friend 😀


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