3 Date Night Hair Ideas

I wanted to finish the date night series with some simple hair ideas. Along with accessories that can take any style to the next level. I love how challenging these styles look, when in reality they just take a few minutes.

I’m sharing just a few of the tips and tricks here so go to my Instagram and watch the full video on IGTV with more direction and fun accessories!

Accent Dutch Braid – Half Up

The number one thing people say when I show hair ideas, “I wish I could braid like that.” You can. It’s just like everything else you’ve learned how to do. Just takes practice. I love doing this accent braid because it’s smaller amounts of hair so a little easier to work with. Plus you can see what you’re doing in the mirror!

This braid is a great style to practice because it can be styled so many different ways once you have the braid in. For the half up style I always keep it loose when pulling the hair back to keep it whimsical and feminine. Adding a scrunchie gives it a pop of color and to help feel more put together as a whole look.

Accent Dutch Braid – Pony

For this style you’re going to start with the accent braid again. And add a lot of volume at the crown of your head by back combing. I like to use this textured dry shampoo to help hold the volume. Spray in your product at the root and then back comb.

When you have your desired volume pull all the hair back in low pony tail.

Adding a hair scarf around the pony is an easy way to hide the black elastic!

Low Messy Bun

This one is a great and quick go to. It’s one that looks way harder than it is to actually create. Start with the volume built at the crown of your head. Then bring it down loosely at the nape of the neck. Wrap the hair tie around, but don’t pull the hair all the way through. Keep a little bun and some hair as a tail. Next time you wrap the hair tie grab the tail with it and wrap it over the bun. (The IGTV will definitely help here!)

Once you have the messy bun secure you can then leave any of the loose pieces left out. Or use those to hide your hair tie by tucking them around and in along the base of the bun. Bobby pins also become helpful at this point to secure the bun and give it even more texture.

I have loved this knotted head band from Old Navy. The color is perfect year round and it really adds to this style!

Here are links to the products I used and some more accessories from the IGTV.

I hope these date night hair styles help you feel beautiful and fancy! I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to FEEL good when you walk out the door to any event. I hope you have been inspired to be yourself and emphasize the things you love about yourself!

Don’t forget to share the IGTV on your stories and tag @the.confidently.speaking for a chance to win some of the hair accessories from above. Giveaway closes at midnight February 21st, winner announced the 22nd. U.S. entries only.

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