How to Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

It’s that time of year where the spring cleaning is in full swing. One of the trickier places in the house is your wardrobe. You have spent all the time and money finding these clothes and you swear you wear them all and you can’t get rid of any of it.

I clean out my closet twice a year. It gives me a chance to really look at what I have between seasons. Along with organize in a new way that can be more efficient while choosing what to wear. It also helps me to see from season to season what I really need to add to my wardrobe so I’m not buying something I already have and just forgot about.

There are a few quick steps that I use each time I spring clean my wardrobe.

Look at Every Piece

Whether you’ve got 125 pieces of clothing or 3, you look at each and every one. Give it the time to really think about if it’s worth keeping. If you’re not sure right away put it in a pile to come back to later.

This is made easier for me by taking everything out of the drawer or closet. Then as I look at it, or try it on, I am able to make a conscious decision. It then goes in a designated pile, or back in the closet. I make a pile for things to try and sell, things to donate, and things to throw away.

Here is a perfect example as to why I go through every piece. I have two of basically the exact same white v-neck t-shirts from Old Navy. I held onto them last spring cleaning because they were newer and it was a style of shirt I was wearing a lot nursing the boys. I haven’t worn either one once since then. So it doesn’t make any sense to keep both. So one goes in the donation pile.

Stay Organized

As far as your drawers and closet there’s a few things that can help you stay organized. You want to use all the same hangers (these are a great deal!) and hang things facing the same direction. Sometimes I switch back and forth from hanging clothes by color, or by the type of clothing. I’m a pretty visual person so having it all neat helps me see what I’m choosing from each morning. And it simply looks better.

These drawer organizers are the best. Use them even when you don’t think they are needed, they always keep things looking great. And makes it easy to fold and fit things where they need to.

Yes fold that file fold. I gotta say I was doing this years before it was cool haha. I actually had a roommate who would sit and watch me fold my laundry because it was so intriguing to her. But here is why I do it. First, it creates an insane amount of space in a drawer. Second, it almost creates it’s on drawer organizer. Third, I can see EVERYTHING. I know exactly what I have and nothing will get lost and forgotten.

Another note with organization. When you are going through your clothes and making your piles (sell, donate, garbage) Keep them tidy. It would suck to accidentally get rid of something you could have sold. I typically fold what I’m selling as I go and put what I’m donating in a bag ready to go. Makes the overall process to faster too.

Do I Keep It?

The trickiest question of them all. But the exact reason why you’re cleaning out your closet in the first place!

You have to be firm with yourself. Have you worn it the past few months? Sometimes it’s a seasonal piece so that’s not applicable. For example I didn’t wear my sun dress in the 20 degree snow the past three months. But I know I wore it last summer, a few different times. So I know it’s something I’ll turn to for this coming season. It’s a keeper.

Then there is that idea of “does it bring you joy?” There are those pieces that you just love to love! They make you feel confident and they make people think of you. I firmly believe that even if you don’t wear those pieces that often. They are a keeper!

Now back to that pile you’re not that sure about. This is were the being firm with yourself really come into play. If you’re on the fence about a piece of clothing it’s probably because you haven’t worn it in awhile or don’t love it as much as you used to. But you may have paid a lot for it or you are sitting there convincing yourself you need to keep it. Sadly, this is not a keeper.

BUT if you’re that sad about getting rid of it. Give it until the next spring cleaning round. If you end up wearing it then you made a great decision. If not, you really just gotta be strong!

So there you have it. Three simple tips for how to spring clean your wardrobe. Have fun with it! Give yourself that extra boost of confidence by knowing your wardrobe is filled with pieces you love and feel great in. When you have this, then any day is a good outfit day!

Good luck! And you can ask any questions in the comments.

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