Swimsuit Haul

Swimsuits. The hardest thing to shop for! It is near impossible to find a fit that you love at the quality that you want! Well I’ve rounded up a handful of popular brands (that you suggested!) and rated them based on quality, coverage, and price range. Each category rated out of five. And then an overall review of the experience shopping online with that brand.

I hope so dearly that this swimsuit haul helps you this spring and summer as you shop for new swimsuits. I put a lot of time into this to make finding something you love a little easier and a lot more stress free.

Kortni Jean

Price Range: $$$$$
Quality: * * * *
Coverage: = = = =

Latter Back 2.0 Top – Large. This swim top has been my go to for years. It is so cute and comfortable. The bra shelf gives great support and the adjustable straps help a ton. My top has stretched out a little, but I also haven’t followed the care instructions so that might be on me.

Tie-up-Front Bottoms – Medium. Kortni Jean is the queen of high wasted bottoms. They fit great! Sometimes the hip hits a little awkward, but it’s because it gives great coverage. The quality is great for these as well. No fading or stretching.

Overall, Kortni Jean’s site is easy to use and the way she releases her collections is so fun. You can mix and match anything which makes shopping easy. Plus getting the whole family to watch is so stinking cute! The quality is great and only seems to keep improving each release. I live close enough to shop when they have the warehouse sales in Provo. Great deals and the only way I would buy these suits.

Lime Ricki

Price Range: $$$$
Quality: * * * *
Coverage: = = = = =

Blossoms Ruffle Bralette – Large. Sizing of models online helped me pick a size perfectly. I love how the straps are cute but still adjustable. The pattern is cuter than I thought in person. Cups sewn in and the pleats give that perfect extra support. I really liked this top and it’s coverage without sacrificing style.

Black Seersucker High-Waist Bottom – Medium. Fit great other than the bum (where I lack), felt loose when I was standing straight. They hit perfect on the waist and didn’t tighten at the top. Pleats felt like they gave great support for the tummy.

Black Classic Bottom – Medium. Seemed to size smaller, could have maybe done a large. Love the waist line, it’s so comfortable. They give great coverage and feel really modest even though they hit lower. Fit like a bikini bottom but with an extra couple of inches, genius design. Fully lined.

Overall, I appreciate how great the quality was. Worth the price? I believe so. I loved their “Try It First” program where they don’t charge your card if you return within 7 days. Gave me a chance to try the suits guilt free. I was pretty impressed with this brand.


Price Range: $$$
Quality: * * *
Coverage: = = = =

High Cut Cheeky Bikini Bottom – Medium. I was on the fence about these bottoms for a few days. I am obsessed with the cut. I love how the waist is cut and the cheeky was the perfect amount. The ribbed fabric was so cute too. But the quality of the piece wasn’t worth it to me. The fabric was very thin and didn’t have any compression. I could go smaller but then I think I would be busting out at the hips and waist. If I simply wore my swimsuits to just layout in, I would say this is a winner!

V Pique Bandeau – Large. Fit a little too big, could easily size down. The pattern and texture was so cute and I can’t get over the colors. The cups were a little padded and it actually helped a lot.

High Neck Bikini Top – Large. This top was an amazing cut! I normally end up not loving these types of tops because they’re uncomfortable or not cut right for coverage. Aerie was thinking of their busty gals with this one. It was perfectly cut and covered everything while staying so comfortable. Quality was lacking, with the cups already bumpy and bent.

Overall, I would be sure to get this suits during a sale. I did LOVE how you could shop tops and bottoms together with their Bikini Mix and Match page. It made it so easy to find cute combinations that weren’t necessarily shown on the models. AND they have free shipping and returns for their swimsuits. I’m so upset the quality wasn’t blowing me away because I was very very impressed with my shopping experience and the coverage of these pieces.


Price Range: $$$
Quality: * *
Coverage: = = =

Texture Front Tie Bralette and Bottoms – XL top and Medium bottoms. Junior sizing can always be tricky, but the suit wasn’t even cut straight. Definitely a lower quality.

Ribbed Zipper One Piece – Medium. Fit great, just a little low cut for me. The compression wasn’t great, but I loved the adjustable straps.

Criss Cross Back One Piece – Medium. This was a favorite from the Target haul. Comfortable, adjustable, and felt like a great quality piece that would last a couple summers.

Vertical Stripe One Piece – Medium. Another great one. I actually favored the Kona Sol suits. They felt like great quality suits without paying SO much. This one actually had sewn in cups too. Fit like a basic one piece but the pattern was so cute and vertical stripes help make you look tall.

Front Close Ruffle Triangle Bikini and Bottoms – Large. As cute as this one was it was not supportive at all. Not great coverage either. Loved the bottoms though!! They would be cute with a black top.

Smocked High Coverage One Piece – Large. I loved the cut and coverage of this suit. But there was no support. I would size down, but even then I don’t think it would have great compression.

Ruffle Front One Piece – Large. This was the worst of them all. It was so thin, like so thin. Zero compression. I did like how the back made it adjustable but cute.

Cut Out Racer Back One Piece – Medium. I could have sized up but I loved this suit! It felt like a higher quality suit you would pay for, but is the same price as all the others. It was double lined and had amazing compression control. Definitely a winner. I wish I had tried more of the All in Motion suits.

Overall, I would definitely order or try on a lot to really find a great fit. Sadly the ones that are so cute don’t stand up in the quality department. I loved the Kona Sol brand and would highly suggest it for the price range.

Old Navy

Price Range: $$$
Quality: * * *
Coverage: = = = =

Square Neck Swim Top for Woman – Large. I was surprised by how great this tops coverage was. It honestly felt like a great sports bra and I would feel super comfortable swimming in this. The compression was great but I could have sized down. Old Navy swim is hit and miss, but this was a hit!

High-Waisted Swim Bottoms for Woman – Medium. With this style being so easy to find this season I wasn’t impressed. The compression wasn’t great and the fabric a little thin. Maybe with a sale price it makes sense, but not full price.

Overall, Be careful with Old Navy swim. I tried on other tops but the coverage just wasn’t there for me. Be careful ordering online too because their swim often can’t be returned in stores.


Price Range: $$$
Quality: * *
Coverage: = = =

Cupshe was suggested a few times on my Instagram polls. I had seen it many times before but was hesitant because their suits can be found on cheaper sites. My fear was confirmed. The fit of the suits was tricky (especially the two pieces) and the price was the same range as Target or Old Navy where I could try on in store. The quality was about that range as well, but only for one of the suits I ordered. So that is hit and miss, which is scary for online. The return policy is a mess to deal with.

I think if I was looking for something specific or just needed a few suits that could get ruined I would turn to Cupshe. But other than that I really wasn’t impressed for the price range.


Price Range: $
Quality: *
Coverage: = =

Rib Tie Front One Piece – Large. I love this suit! For how cheap it is you really can’t complain. But the color and fabric are so cute. The ties make it super adjustable and I love how I can switch up how it’s tied making it more supportive. The cups were a no go, but overall this was a keeper for me, considering the price.

Striped Tie Back Top and Bottom – Large. The top was too big and the bottoms too small. Which is what makes a site like SheIn so tricky for suits. But I loved how modest the top felt and that I could adjust it. The quality was higher for a SheIn suit.

Overall, SheIn is a little risky. I have shopped their site for suits so many times and the fit never seems to work. Like that one piece is finally a win for me! READ REVIEWS! They are honest about sizing, but even then size up. The price is obviously crazy low, so be prepared to see that level of quality. Their website is easy to navigate and you can get lost in the wormhole with all their suggestions haha. But it nice they find similar suits for you.

There you have it. A standing for quality, price, and modesty. I know that everyone will feel confident in different styles of suits, and be ok with different quality of brand. Be confident in where you want to shop! I personally was really really impressed with Aerie and their selection and quality for their sale prices. Different styles would offer different coverage but it was nice to find just as many options for the style I was looking for. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on any sales they have through out the season.

The swimsuit haul is only successful if it helps! And if it helped then spread the word. This is a tool everyone can use. Share on Instagram stories, pin it over on Pinterest, and as always don’t be afraid to contact me with any questions.

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