4 Swimsuit Cover Ideas

Water activities are the BEST part of summer. It is the best combinations of sun and adventure. Whether its going to the beach with your family, boating on the lake, or just sitting by the pool. You always want to be able to cover up that swimmer.

Working at a pool most summers during college I learned there is definitely a balance between convenience and staying trendy or cute when covering up. Along with not spending more just for a swim cover up. So here are 4 swimsuit cover ideas that I’m sure you could already find in your closet!

1. A T-shirt Dress

My go-to has always been the simple t-shirt dresses from Old Navy. I love how they are still long enough (if you really need length size up), give you some short sleeves, and its a one and done. You don’t have to worry about layering. Plus it’s a great throw on for after the water too if you don’t keep your swimsuit on.

Other Options:
Tank Swing Dress
Short Sleeve Ruffle Hem Dress
Denver Stripe Dress
Short Sleeve T-shirt Dress
Jersey T-shit Swing Dress
Jersey Maxi Dress
Rolled Sleeve T-shirt Dress
Tank T-Shirt Dress
Liza Dress use code CATH35

2. Lightweight Jumpsuits/Jumpers

I found a new love for this swimsuit cover up on a trip to Hawaii a few years ago. It was SO easy and made such a cute outfit when waiting to get to your water activity. Plus the options are endless. Short sleeved, tank top, long legs, shorts, etc. The key here is to find something that will keep you cool. If you’re in the water you’re probably in the sun so you don’t want heavy materials. This is great for when you have plans before going to the water.

Other Options:
High Society Jumpsuit (size small) use code CATH15
Tie Waist Swim Cover Romper
Stretch Woven Jumpsuit
Short Sleeve Tie Waist Jumpsuit
Short Sleeve Capri Length Jumpsuit
Tami Romper use code CATH35
Tristan Romper use code CATH35

3. Shorts!

SO EASY! If you’re still looking for a good pair of shorts you can find some great ones on the post here. But I love just throwing on a pair of shorts and calling it good. This looks best with one piece suits as they are basically the same as a bodysuit. Plus there is no harm if your jean shorts get a little wet after. I usually do this when going to the pool and plan to shower and change at home after.

Other Options:
Giselle Tie Shorts
Drawstring Linen Shorts
High Rise Tie Shorts Leopard Print
Linen Blend Everyday Shorts
Mid-Rise Boyfriend Distressed Cutoff Shorts

4. Flowy Skirt

Same idea as the dress and shorts. Something that can cover you up and keep you cool. You can get more length than shorts if you want, and you can be more comfy. And it is easy to change back into by just wearing, or packing, a top for after the water. Swimsuit cover, and a cute outfit!

Other Options:
Yara Floral Skirt use code CONFIDENT10
A-Line Bohemian Maxi Skirt
Anika Floral Skirt use code CAT25
Striped Drawstring Skirt
A-line Wrap Skirt

Finding a swimsuit cover can just be another expense or something to worry about. With these four ideas you can find something you already love, can wear not around the water, and make your water day more convenient. Think layers and you are good to go!

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