3 Great Hair Styles for Summer

Along with protecting your skin and eyes from all the sun summer brings. It’s also important to protect your hair! I am so surprised by the end of each summer how dry and damaged my hair has gotten from being outside more. There are some great products that will help protect your hair. But I also wanted to share some styles that can help too.

These are also great hairstyles for when you’re spending the day in the water. What I love about these styles is they keep everything together so I don’t need to constantly fix my hair, I can just enjoy the day! Great ideas for both you or your little girls.

You can head to my Instagram here to watch the IGTV with more step by step visuals.

Upside Down Dutch Braid

I don’t know what else to call this because the braid really is upside down! This style does take some practice, but practice is good! Starting at the nape of the neck you dutch braid up to the crown of the head. Remember a dutch braid is the same as a french braid, but instead of taking the strands over each other you tuck them under.

I will literally bend over and braid upside down to get the braid nice and tight. If you have someone who can braid your hair that always helps too! The tighter the better because you don’t want pieces falling out later on. Once you have the braid where you want it, I usually stop right above the ears, use an elastic band to tie off just the braid.

Once your braid is tied off you can use a bigger elastic to put all your hair in a ponytail, or messy bun. I usually do a messy bun because it adds more texture and the appearance of volume in my hair. This is why I usually tie off my braid separate from the ponytail or bun. Because if I need to fix that part I don’t have to start ALL over with the braid as well.

Box Braids

This one is simple but SO good for when you’re in the water. Start with a middle part. I like to tie off one side so it’s out of the way and my part doesn’t get ruined as I braid. Then dutch braid one side. Once you’re done with that braid move onto the next side.

Something that would ALWAYS happen when first learning to braid was that the very bottom of the braid, down at the neck, would be so loose and it wouldn’t look right. Keep your head up as you braid! Braids land where our hands place them. If you bend your chin down as you braid you’re telling it to go somewhere else for when you bring our chin back up. I also take smaller sections as I get lower so I can braid tighter.

A major tip here is to braid when your hair is wet! Our hair strands stretch and loosen when they are wet. So to braid when it’s dry and then jump in the water isn’t going to keep your braid tight and you’ll probably end up redoing it. Plus it makes it a little easier to braid your hair when it’s wet.

Top Elastics and Pony Braid

Another simple style that can have a lot of variations depending on what you want and have time for. I section off the top part of my hair that I want to put into the elastics and tie everything else up. This just keeps it all from getting messy!

Then taking small sections at a time, wrap an elastic around the hair. Add the previous section to the new section. This is great for when you have bangs, it will keep everything together.

Once your little elastics are placed take all the hair into a high ponytail. Add a braid if you want. This just helps keep your hair tight and protected.

Some overall tips would be to style wet if you plan on getting wet. Braids are great because it keeps everything in place, and also keeps a lot more of your hair out of direct sunlight than you think. When working at the pool we would wash our hair before and not rinse out all our conditioner. This helped keep the hair from tangling and getting pool chemicals in it. You could also use a leave in conditioner. If you are in a smaller pool I wouldn’t suggest doing this all the time since the conditioner isn’t the best for pool filters.

Basic Products I Love:

My girl Bailey from Schiess Styles has so many amazing products that help with protection and revitalization for your hair. A hairstyle can help, but a product can do so much more for you. It’s like making sure you have strong enough sunscreen on even though you are wearing a cover up. Or putting aloe on burned skin. Our hair has just as much need for protecting and healing. So be sure to give Bailey a follow and reach out for any of these great products!

Seven Rinzu Protect Spray: protectant aka sunscreen for your hair! It helps hair look more vibrant and reflects the sun damage. Can be used as a blow dry primer. Helps to speed up dry time, eliminates static and adds thermal protection.

Seven Gazar Beach Spray: a texturizing spray made with real sea salt to create irresistible “day at the beach” hair. This product doesn’t dry out hair like most other salt sprays so you can use it for multiple days in a row. Gives the looks of ocean-kissed waves.

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