How To Style a T-Shirt Dress 5 Ways

Finding a great t-shirt dress is a must for your summer wardrobe. One thing that used to hold me back from getting one was that they are almost too simple, but they don’t have to be. Here are 5 ways to style your t-shirt dress so it’s not just a dress.

Being able to style the basics in your closet in multiple ways makes it a more versatile piece that you can turn to often. Especially when it’s a basic you love and has comfort like t-shirt dresses.

If you are interested in capsule wardrobes, where you only get a few pieces each season, a t-shirt dress is perfect! Being able to style it so many different ways makes it a piece you can wear multiple times.

Before getting into how to style your t-shirt dress here are some great dresses to add to your closet. The dress I’m wearing can be found here, I sized up to get length.

Simply Dressed Up

Just wearing your t-shirt dress is great! But being able to dress it up a little bit is even better. I don’t know what it is but putting on a good hat escalates any outfit! Pair it with sandals that match your hat and your outfit is ready for a night out.

I loved rolling the sleeves too. This is just a little change that helps you feel like you’re wearing a whole new dress. If your dress is long enough you could also knot at the bottom to add some texture to the skirt of the dress.

Here are some cute hats that would make a great accessory in your wardrobe.

Paired with a Flannel

A flannel can give you TWO looks with your t-shirt dress.

Tying your flannel around your waste helps make your curves stand out more. This is great especially since most t-shirt dresses take that away with it’s straight cut. A great way to bring in more color to your outfit too. This is a common go to style with t-shirt dresses but let’s put a little twist to it too!

What happens when you actually need to WEAR the flannel? It’s nice to have that extra layer on chillier summer nights, but how do you wear it!? Treating it like a cardigan is great, but you can keep showing your shape but tying it at your waste. Rolling the sleeves and buttoning your flannel up are other great added tweaks to make your outfit unique.

Flannels are a great find right now because it’s a fall/winter piece so most will be on sale.

Add a Graphic Tee

This is another great way to keep your shape. Simply throw on your favorite graphic tee over your dress and do a knot at the waste. When trying different tees for this I found the long over sized styles worked best. I also thought more see through tees were fun because the stripe of the dress was able to show through and helped the look seem more cohesive.

Wearing a crop top over would work as well. You will just have the straight cut style the t-shirt dress has on it’s own. But still a fun way to add style and variety to the dress.

I paired my look with a fun pair of leopard print flats to keep it casual but fun!

Don’t worry I have a post coming later this month to help you find the perfect graphic tee for you this summer!

Jean Jacket

If this isn’t a staple in your closet, I highly recommend you invest in one! They go with everything and always help make an outfit feel complete. It’s an easy layer to wear over your t-shirt dress and would go with any color of dress. A great timeless piece.

I say invest because you may end up paying a little more for quality that will last longer. But I’ve found some jackets at all price points.

One thing this post has reminded me is that you don’t know what you’ve got until you try! I started with just one or two ideas. But by going into my closet and pulling things out to simply try, I was able to come up with SO many more! So this is your reminder not to be afraid to just play around with what you have. Come up with ideas and be confident in them! It’s a sure fire way to express yourself through your outfits.

T-shirt dresses are great for summer and these ideas are a perfect way to style them so you can wear them over and over and over.

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