Top 10 Baby Products We Used the First 9 Months

The other day Erich and I put together a list of our everyday must have baby items. Some of these might be obvious, but others are brands we have truly loved since day one. These are products that work FOR US! I can’t tell you that they will be the miracle product that will work for you and your baby. But they definitely are great products that have helped us get through sleepless (turned sleep filled) nights, and simplify all the routines a baby brings.

Those first months are hard to navigate so these baby products were lifesavers for the first 9 months. We use them almost daily even still.

If you don’t know, we do have twin boys, but these are obviously great products for any number of babies in your home!

  1. Hatch Rest Baby White Noise Machine – This sound machine is the bomb! There are multiple sounds to choose from and even different colors for the night light. Which I love because when the babies were in our room I couldn’t sleep to the white noise sound. The calm breeze was perfect for me and my babes. The machine connects to an app on your phone and through bluetooth so you can control it from anywhere in the house. You are able to program certain settings so it’s easy to flip through different needs. A feature that will be great as they get older, is you can set it to wake the baby up calmly at a certain time of the day. It’s awesome for travel as well and fits right in with everything else. My ONLY complaint is that it has to be plugged in. There is also the Hatch Rest+ that is also a sound monitor so if you just need to check in with sound you only have one machine in the baby’s room!
  2. Mebie Baby Outfits/Knotted Gowns – We went through a few different companies for knotted gowns. Not that we didn’t love the other brands, Mebie Baby just lasted the longest! Both in quality and length. The twins were able to wear them for 7 months!! And only grew out because the sleeves got short haha. I love this brand in general! The quality is amazing and the gender neutral colors make it easy to purchase at a higher price point because I know I can use these clothes for future babies.
  3. Boon Lawn Drying Rack – Simple, but great! The Boon Lawn Drying Rack is something we use multiple times a day! It helps keep all the bottles and accessories together, but also separate from all of our dishes. It’s easy and quick to use, not having to work around anything or needing anything underneath to keep the counter dry. There are accessories like the tree and twig to really ensure you don’t lose anything. The sprig is a great option for the sippy cup stage.
  4. Munchkin Bottle Warmer – We probably spoil the boys by still heating up their bottles (someone tell me stop if we should have a long time ago haha) but this warmer is SO fast. When you’ve got a fussing baby speed is so important. We tried another brand that had all the “fancy features” of a timer, alarm, etc but it took WAY too long for their tiny 2 ounce bottles there was no way I wanted to use it long term. When we switched to the Munchkin Bottle Warmer it was quick and so simple. We usually put the bottle in and can walk away for a minute and by time we’re back it’s done. It tucks right into our cupboard as well which is nice being able to keep the counter top decluttered. (I linked the one we have, but if you’re ok with orange, this is a better price.)
  5. Fawn Diaper Changing Clutch – I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. Fawn is the dream diaper bag. So spacious and amazing, AMAZING quality. But the one product I firmly believe every mama needs from them is the Diaper Changing Clutch! It holds SO much;  diapers, half a pack of Kirkland wipes, and the matching changing pad. The clutch strap makes it so easy to do public changings one handed and not having to put EVERYTHING on the table. This is a lifesaver when we are out and about because I don’t love Erich taking the WHOLE diaper bag when changing one baby. We always end up needing something else out of the bag while it’s gone in the bathroom. So being able to hand off the clutch is so nice. Plus it helps keep everything so organized and compact within the diaper bag. I swear once I started using this my diaper bag grew twice the size inside. Available in black, grey, an pink as well.
  6. Ikea Highchair and Pillow – there is a huge benefit in these highchairs being inexpensive and so minimalistic. They will go with any decor style and there’s so many cute ideas to make them more personalized on Pinterest. The tray can be a pain but you can go find my High Chair Hack highlight on Instagram and your life will be changed. The pillows are nice too when your baby is still learning to sit up. And honestly it catches so much of the mess haha. The pillow is like an inflatable pool float so easily wiped down, and the covers are so easy to just throw in the wash. I would suggest getting enough so you always have a cover on when the other is in the wash. (Like I wish we had four instead of just the two.)
  7. Activity Table – We got this for the boys at 5 months and it has been great. We loved that it’s been able to grow with the boys. Even now as they’re learning to walk and don’t want to sit necessarily, we can add on the little table top and it’s a full blown activity table! Being able to take the toys on and off is great too, we would switch up what was on there so it was new every time the boys were in it. The noise and music options are great with volume and length of the music both being adjustable.  
  8. Wyze Camera – Again, simple and inexpensive. That was sort of our go to theme when shopping for twins. They connect right to your wifi and phone and I can be miles away and still check in on the boys’ room. We ended up getting two so we could have a full view of both cribs and it’s easy to switch back and forth from each camera. It also will track small clips of any sound or movement if you want it to. The link will give you many purchase options as well.
  9. Banana Teether – Maybe obvious, but we should have gotten these out sooner for the boys. They are the only thing that calms them down when teething hits. I just wasn’t a huge fan of using medicine to get rid of the pain. And these helped every time. They’re easy to hold and have different textures to explore.
  10. Rafe and Moose Swaddles – We have TONS of swaddles. Between gifts and working with brands we have more than I can count. We tried probably 5-6 different brands and Rafe and Moose was by far our favorite. I know swaddles are such a preference thing. These are LARGE blankets, we were using them up until about 6 months and never struggled to get it to wrap around multiple times. I can’t say they are the softest swaddle we’ve used, but the stretch is perfect. Just enough to get it around and tucked where you need it, but not nearly enough for the baby to wiggle out. This honestly was a HUGE problem with the “nicer” and more expensive swaddles, way too much stretch! They are lightweight and easy to pack around and always have the prettiest solid colors so you don’t have to stress too much about matching everything else.

I hope these top baby products help you as much as they have helped us. If you have any more questions about how we used these products, or our routines we did with twins, never be afraid to reach out! I’m always an open book.

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