A Quick Guide on Fanny Packs

I have always been intrigued by fanny packs. Are they really as functional as they look and is this just a fad or are they good enough to stay? Basically I’ve always been on the fence on whether or not to actually get one.

Well I finally did! And I can say just after a few minutes I was sold. A little trendy and faddish, sure. But worth being hands free. It would be a lot better and more used if I didn’t have babies who need a diaper bag, but hey we won’t need that eventually right?

So here is a quick guide to help you find the perfect fanny pack and how to style it.

What I love about the bag I got specifically was that it is able to hold all the basics no problem. Phone, wallet, gum/mints, sunglasses, chapstick, and keys. But I also loved how actually versatile it is while wearing it.

There is the traditional around the waist look. Then the trendy over the shoulder way to wear, which really would be great while in crowds because all your stuff is right there not at all easy for someone to take. Plus it feels like a regular over the shoulder bag so it’s got that comfort. 

But my favorite way, that I honestly hadn’t seen before, was just on the shoulder like a regular purse. The fanny pack is big enough to look like a small bag and it still gives you that easy access without fully looking like a fanny pack. You really can get the best of both worlds. Wearing it “normal” but also having the option to wear it the other two ways. Which you can’t do with a regular bag.

So here are my pros. You are on trend. It’s small but still holds all you need. It’s hands free! It’s safer than a purse, everything is kept close. It can be inexpensive so it’s an easy accessory to add to your wardrobe. AND you have tons of versatility.

My only cons are it’s not super useful with small kids and you may feel a little dorky at first haha. Key word is at first because you’re going to get over it and totally rock that fanny!

I also love how you can find so many different types of fanny packs. You can stick to fashion accessory, or go towards sporty and athletic. Here is a list of great ones I found at all different price ranges.

I hope this quick guide helps you find a fanny pack you love! Just remember, if you love it, then it does’t matter what anyone else is thinking! Rock that fanny!

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