Top Sandal Styles this Summer

This months haul is all about the sandals! Sadly I wasn’t able to try as many styles as I would have liked this round, but there are so many amazing styles of sandals out there. There are plenty to share with you!

Sandals are a great piece because they can be dressed up or dressed down so easily. They truly go with everything! They are definitely a summer staple. And you can find a great pair easily within budget. All these styles are under $25! No need to break the bank.

Fancy Flip-Flops

A great beach go to. Can get wet and sandy and you don’t have to feel bad about it. I liked how these styles were a little nicer. They would be so cute with jeans and a button up top.

Slip Ons

These first pairs are my all time favorite sandal. I have three colors and always wear them. They’re nice enough to wear with dresses and skirts, but casual enough I don’t feel bad wearing them to the pool. I think I’ve even gotten a couple pair pretty wet and you can’t even tell.

All these styles are so cute! Lot’s of color options which is always fun for sandals.

Ankle Strap

A slip on with some extra help. This style of sandal is so nice for running errands and running around chasing your littles. They’re easy to get on with a rush out the door but will stay on all day. Especially the styles where the buckle is on the back.


These sandals pair great with dresses because it creates almost a heel effect. These can be great for traveling because they definitely aren’t going to come off or get lost.

Elastic Straps

Another set that is all about convenience. And look how cute these all are! The chambray and tan pair would seriously go with everything because they are both such great neutral colors.

Thick Straps

I love a nice thick strappy sandal. It just seems to give it more character and can create a more bold and casual look.


You do not find these often under $25, so these styles are definitely budget friendly. Such a popular sandal because they give you height without heels. And truly can be dressed up or down. These are my favorite sandals to wear with dresses because they don’t dress it down at all.

Alright! If you did not find a pair you love in this haul, then you probably don’t need sandals haha. There are SO many great sandals to chose from and add to your wardrobe. I love when a pair of shoes can go with whatever I need it to. And as always I appreciate when you shop through the links posted. Thanks!

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