Instant Pot Soups

The winter months are coming to a close, but the soups are never done. Once I have yummy soup recipes I end up making them all the time. Especially with the Instant Pot. I already use ours at least once a week…if not every night! Soups are my favorite to make because it really is … More Instant Pot Soups

Meal Plan Giveaway!

Going big or going home! This months meal plan is a little heftier than normal. I just couldn’t resist all the yummy recipes. But since it’s a little bit more, we’re going to make it even more fun. It’s still like the other meal plans where there are 5 dinner recipes (one vegetarian and one … More Meal Plan Giveaway!

Summer Recipes

It’s officially summer! School is out in Utah, the pools are open, and I don’t have to feel weird craving ice cream 24/7 anymore. One thing that screams summer to me is all the fruit that magically pops up this time of year. So I did something different for this month’s meal plan. It’s more … More Summer Recipes

Meal Plan Week 7

It’s official. I LOVE making these for you guys. It helps so much when I hear about you trying the recipes, whether you love them or not! The highlight of this past month was a co-worker telling me her daughter, who normally doesn’t eat veggies, ate recipes from the meal plans! And then asked to … More Meal Plan Week 7

Meal Plan Week 6

Holla! it’s another week of recipes ready to roll!! Don’t forget the meal plan includes your grocery list for the week. So print this bad boy out and get ALL the grocery shopping done this weekend in prep for next week. Or use the recipes sporadically throughout the month. Whichever floats your boat. Get Meal … More Meal Plan Week 6

Meal Plan Week 5

Here we go again!! A meal plan full of some of my favorite recipes. Just so yummy and filling. I think my favorite part of cooking these amazing meals is they have such large servings! They would have no problem serving a family. But for the two of us, it means the yummiest left overs … More Meal Plan Week 5