Show Your Confidence

When I was first thinking of this topic there were so many thoughts running through my head about youth, adulthood, life, changes, and how all of the above are affected by confidence. My thoughts haven’t changed, just been a little influenced by where I’m at in my pregnancy. I’m almost at 20 weeks, the halfway … More Show Your Confidence

Instant Pot Soups

The winter months are coming to a close, but the soups are never done. Once I have yummy soup recipes I end up making them all the time. Especially with the Instant Pot. I already use ours at least once a week…if not every night! Soups are my favorite to make because it really is … More Instant Pot Soups

Labor Day Sales!

It’s the most bittersweet weekend of the year. Growing up we would pile in the minivan to go up to my Grandpa’s farm to play all day with cousins. Relay races till our little feet couldn’t run anymore. Jumping into a huge pile of hay to score some sweet change or candy treats. But then … More Labor Day Sales!