Shop and Save

There are so many great places out there to find simple pieces to add to the closet. So I put together a list of my go-to places to shop online.

Journey Five:

They always have the cutest new arrivals every week and sales that go along with it. I have loved ordering from this company. They’re so quick to send out what you’ve ordered. And for reals…I could buy the whole store it’s all so cute! Always use code CONFIDENT10 to save 10%

Alice Loves Clothes:

Alice is a saint! She started her shop to purposely allow people to find great trends for an even greater price. She sells as close to whole sale prices as she can, and does weekly deals on top of that. There is always a great selection of modest clothing. Along with accessories and shoes. Always use code CATH10 to save.


If you’re looking for budget-friendly deals this is the place. I love Jane! They put together a bunch of deals from all different boutiques so you’re always going to find something. From baby clothes to home decor, they have it all.


This site is the best thing to ever happen in fashion. Ok, maybe a little exaggerated but pretty dang close. This site is full of great deals. This is a site that comes in handy when you can’t find a specific piece. Always great sales and the quality is a great surprise.


This site is great for finding gifts for anyone special. They have a wide range from kitchen, to baby toys, to accessories. All hand selected to be the best product. We have loved their baby toys and are always impressed by the quality and cuteness! You can use code CATHERINE10 to save 10% off your first purchase.

XO Mandy Sue

A woman’s clothing boutique that gives all the beach vibes! I love the variety and style XO Mandy Sue has to offer. Great quality pieces that are going to last you awhile. They are unique and always adding new things. Use code CATHV35 to save 35% off. Yes 35 percent!!

Rosalind Rose

One of my go to when looking for something timeless, good quality, and on trend all at the same time! Rosalind Rose is always ahead of the fashion curve. There are also great closet staples to chose from as well. Use code CATH15 for 15% percent off your purchase.

Avaree & Co.

A small boutique with amazing deals and even better costumer service. This is definitely the shop to go to when you’re looking to find one of a kind pieces. With a wide range of style and selection you’re bound to find something you love. Use code CATHERINE10 when shopping to save 10% off your order.

Magnetic Me Baby

This brand of baby clothes and products is pure genius. Instead of zippers or snaps, everything is magnetic! Erich and I are obsessed with how great they are. And the fabrics are all so soft! I’ve never been more blown away by how convenient and great a baby product is. Be sure to use code CATH10 for 10% off your order.

Lucy Ave

The cutest on trendy shop with countless options. They also have great things for little girls and a little bit of home decor. One thing I love about Lucy Ave is their swimmers every summer. Always so cute and modest! They do flash sales so always check in and even subscribe! You can save 25% off your purchase using code CAT25.