There are so many great places out there to find simple pieces to add to the closet. So I put together a list of my go-to places to shop online.

*Note that some of these are affiliate links. That means I get a small percentage of the purchase. Doesn’t change the price charged, or that you picked out a dang cute outfit. Just that I receive a small commission to help support the blog!

Journey Five:

They always have the cutest new arrivals every week and sales that go along with it. I have loved ordering from this company. They’re so quick to send out what you’ve ordered. And for reals…I could buy the whole store it’s all so cute!


If you’re looking for budget-friendly deals this is the place. I love Jane! They put together a bunch of deals from all different boutiques so you’re always going to find something. From baby clothes to home decor, they have it all.


This site is the best thing to ever happen in fashion. Ok, maybe a little exaggerated but pretty dang close. This site is full of great deals. This is a site that comes in handy when you can’t find a specific piece. Always great sales and the quality is a great surprise.

Olive Ave:

SO on trend. This shop holds a special place in my heart as it’s home is in Rexburg, ID where I went to college. But truly they always have the cutest things and are never too shy with codes to help you save.

Rosalind Rose:

From trendy accessories to a wide selection of dresses, tops, and jumpsuits this site is so on par with the seasonal trends. Their brand is so timeless and dreamy. Use code “CATHV20” to save on any order!

Called to Surf:

I grew up loving PacSun but it was always so hard finding modest styles, this shop is the perfect combination of beachy and modesty. If you ever have a chance to go into one of there stores you will love the Southern Cali vibes.